It is said that Vietnam is the land of the temples. Indeed, there are many Vietnamese pagodas, but each temple has a human form. The pagoda is covered at the back by the mountain, the pagoda is facing the sea, the pagoda is quiet next to the rivers, etc. Vietnam is the country where the

Located in the inter-provincial ecological area of the Red River Delta, there is a coastal road running through, Bai Ngang – Con Noi has potential to become an ideal beach in the near future. Overview of Bai Ngang Bai Ngang Beach is also known as Con Noi Beach, located in the southernmost point of the

Similar to the scenery in film up to 90% and completely free, the aboriginal village in film Kong which has just been built is definitely a place should not be missed when coming to Ninh Binh Vietnam. With an investment of nearly 200 million USD and filmed in Vietnam, the Hollywood blockbuster “Kong: Skull Island”