During the Lunar New Year, the people of the capital in particular and the whole country, in general, have the need for spiritual tourist sites to pray for the new year of peace and prosperity. Huong Pagoda Huong Pagoda is located in Huong Son Commune, My Duc District, Hanoi. It is a large cultural and

Ninh Binh is considered as the most beautiful scenery and the favorite destination for many travelers. The land of Ninh Binh is not only beautiful by the beautiful and poetic landscapes, specialties such as burning rice, goat meat or Kim Son liquor, but also by the cultural values, the spiritual value that each visitor can

Vietnam has experienced many ups and downs, the capital of each dynasty was changed so many times. But the Vietnamese themselves cannot forget the land was a place where is the capital of three dynasties in the past. Ninh Binh Vietnam, the capital experienced the ups and downs of the three dynasties: Dinh Dynasty, Tien

Ninh Binh – the sacred land is not only fascinating with the relics associated with the history markings but also made a lot of ecstatic sights. There is an old imperial city quiet with a lot of memories over the time, there are peaceful and quiet temples, peaceful rivers as in the folk songs, there