Besides the second capital of the Tran Dynasty, coming to Nam Dinh – neighboring province of ninh binh vietnam, you should not overlook King Dinh Temple, King Tran Temple or the other ancient pagodas. Attractive destinations Known as the second capital of the Tran Dynasty, the city of Nam Dinh attract tourists with a series

Huong Tich Cave Mentioning to Huong Pagoda, My Duc, Hanoi, everyone also knows to Huong Tich Cave, which is known as the most beautiful mountain in Vietnam, located 70 km southwest of Hanoi. Coming here, visitors will be overwhelmed in front of the scene which is wide as a large dragon jaw. That is the

Mentioning to ninh binh vietnam, it will be a deficiency if you do not mention Van Long Lagoon – the largest wetland reserve in the Northern Delta. Van Long Lagoon is as a romantic landscape painting with beautiful wild scenery captivating the footsteps of visitors. In the space of heaven, the beauty of Van Long

Am Tien Cave is located in the ancient relic of Hoa Lu, ninh binh vietnam, formerly where King Dinh Tien Hoang had built the Legal case, punished the guilty people, and at the same time, has the temple that Queen Duong Van Nga lead a religious life at the end of her life. The road

2018 is a year of new trends in tourism. Young people will turn to explore the wildland and immerse into the beautiful nature. Go through all hot spots in 2018! Ninh Binh Insider has posted articles to introduce the top 50 destinations suitable for tourism in 2018, in which ninh binh vietnam was first mentioned and

Not only the beauty of the culture and man-made architecture, the natural beauty of Vietnam is really diverse. The mountains in the north in the winter is covered with the snow like Europe, the beaches are also beautiful with white fine sand, the prairies, sand hills in the Central look like in Mongolia, To the

Vietnam has long become one of the most attractive destinations, attracting a large number of international tourists. With majestic natural scenery, tranquil scenery, wonderful beaches and hospitable people, this is an unforgettable experience in the journey of exploring Vietnam. Halong Bay Well-known for its natural beauty with its crystal clear beaches, spectacular caves, and spectacular

With wild nature, the charming scenery of Ninh Binh is a popular tourist destination in the North, just 100km from Hanoi. Especially ancient Hoa Lu associated with many historical monuments. Let’s join in hoa lu tam coc 1 day tour to explore this beautiful ancient capital! Overview of Ninh Binh About 100km south of Hanoi, Ninh

If visitors have a chance to travel to Nam Dinh – a neighboring province of ninh binh vietnam – must come to Quat Lam beach, a tourist center attracting a lot of tourists in the summer with clean and charming beauty. Origin of the name Quat Lam There was a fisherman in distress at sea, his

Coming Thung Nai, you will be delighted to admire the wild nature, be immersed in the cool natural bath, rowing boat floating in the middle of the lake of Da River, walking in the dense forest, explore the mysterious caves hidden many mysteries, experience the unique highland fair, explore the unique traditional culture of the

Terraced fields can be considered as a “specialty” of the uplands of Vietnam, especially Mu Cang Chai, Y Ty, Sa Pa, Hoang Su Phi … are located in the northern mountains. But few people know that Thanh Hoa – a neighbouring province of ninh binh vietnam – also has a golden season, shimmering in the sunshine

When visitors from ninh binh amazing tour coming nine waterfalls Tu Son in Muong land, visitors will also see the white waterfall falling from the wild forests, listen to the water rumbling and feel the majestic and pure beauty of Nature in the land here. Tu Son Waterfall that many people still compare as “the most