Ninh binh vietnam with pristine nature, the charming landscape in recent years has become a bright spot not only of Vietnam but also of the world with millions of foreign visitors who are on private ninh binh tour coming here to visit every year. Overview of Ninh Binh Only about 100km away from Hanoi, Ninh

The vivid picture of the vast rice fields and the enchanting terraced rice fields, captivate the hearts of people, creating the beautiful golden season throughout Vietnam. Ha Giang The North Pole region of the country is the place with the landscape of the most beautiful terraced fields in S-shaped strip of land. The rice fields

Although not a destination to be high-evaluated on the Vietnam travel map, if you really are a person who likes to explore, visit places where people rarely come to, think of this name. The land of Thanh Hoa – neighbor of ninh binh vietnam has many interesting things, suitable for short trips. Citadel of Ho Dynasty

Ninh Binh is an ancient land, where there are many famous historical, cultural and scenic sites such as Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, Trang An Ecological Tourist Area, Tam Coc – Bich Dong, Phat Diem Stone, etc. This place is also a land of many traditional villages with a long history like Embroidery Van Lam village,