Am Tien Cave

Am Tien Cave

Am Tien Cave is located in the ancient relic of Hoa Lu, ninh binh vietnam, formerly where King Dinh Tien Hoang had built the Legal case, punished the guilty people, and at the same time, has the temple that Queen Duong Van Nga lead a religious life at the end of her life. The road leading Am Tien Cave is quite dangerous because most of the Am Tien cave area is a flooded valley surrounded by rocky cliffs. With its unique terrain, Am Tien is a unique world filled with colorful historical attractions that attract any visitor.

Am Tien Cave

The golden history page

Am Tien Pagoda is as a separate world, formerly where King Dinh raised a tiger to punish the guilty people. Even in the foot of Mount Dia is a water monster (crocodile) pond, where the king raised to throw the guilty to the pond as a punishment. This is also the place where King Le Dai Hanh imprisoned Quach Quan Bien prisoners, Trieu Phung Huan of the Song Dynasty invading Dai Co Viet in 981.

Am Tien Cave in the middle of the mountain, at the geographical position, is quite dangerous. Visitors on 1 day tour in ninh binh must climb through 205 stone steps to reach the cave. In the distance, the cave has the shape looking like the dragon mouth, so it is also known as the dragon cave. There are many stalactites with various shape – a paddy, a cash tree, a fruit handkerchief, a lotus bud hanging down with drops of water. In addition, in the area, there are Salt caves, Tien cave … where the king kept food, national treasure in the Dinh Dynasty Le Dynasty.

Am Tien is surrounded by mountains, so space here is almost separate from the world outside. The scenery Am Tien is majestic and poetic, but haunting and mysterious as if it still saves the remnant of the old Place of Execution.

Most of the area in Am Tien cave is flooded with water, the terrain is especially surrounded by rocky cliffs, King Dinh had chosen to be the place of arrest and trial. Legend has it that King Dinh had raised wild and violent wildlife here, and then sentenced the capital punishment to the criminal. However, those who can escape this place will be free.

The charming beauty

Coming to Am Tien Cave you cannot resist the beauty of the place, when you step foot in here you will think that you are entering the heaven. Am Tien is facing back west, from the mouth of the cave, you will see is a large lake that folk called Giai Pond – the pond to plant lotus, water lily and raise perch and turtles. The lake is so green and clear that you can see the moss at the bottom.

Am Tien Cave is not only the beautiful scenic landscape but also the paradise where visitors on Ninh Binh amazing tour can find for themselves the moments of peace to abandon all worries of a busy life. Am Tien Pagoda will be an ideal place for you to find the peace of your life.

Am Tien Temple among the heaven scene becomes more mystical and magical beauty. Standing at Am Tien Temple, you will see this magnificent landscape with its high mountains and lush green lake stretching.

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