Attractions Of The Ancient Capital Of Ninh Binh

Attractions Of The Ancient Capital Of Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh – the sacred land is not only fascinating with the relics associated with the history markings but also made a lot of ecstatic sights. There is an old imperial city quiet with a lot of memories over the time, there are peaceful and quiet temples, peaceful rivers as in the folk songs, there are unique caves created by the hand of the Mother Nature, there are fresh forests and huge lakes like a giant mirror. In the land of Ninh Binh Vietnam, wherever you go, you also feel the majestic but poetic beauty, your soul will get lost in a beautiful myth.

Attractions Of The Ancient Capital Of Ninh Binh

Fanciful Trang An

Trang An is one of the most famous destinations in Ninh Binh, recognized by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage and World Cultural Heritage in 2014. This place is considered as the perfect place of beauty. With pure nature, Trang An still radiate an attraction for tourists. Arriving Trang An, taking a boat trip on the river, enjoying the charming landscape of limestone mountains, green forests, and mysterious caves will bring you unforgettable moments.

Peaceful Bai Dinh Pagoda

There is no temple that gains many records than Bai Dinh Pagoda in Ninh Binh Vietnam. The pagoda is located about 15km northwest of Ninh Binh city center, surrounded by the immense water, where you can admire the mountainous scenery. Bai Dinh Pagoda is recorded as the largest temple in Southeast Asia, the temple which has the largest Maitreya statue, the temple which has the largest bell tower, … Although not a followers of Buddhism, Bai Dinh Pagoda is still the place for visitors to find the peace in the soul and explore the beautiful architecture of the temple.

Tam Coc – Halong Bay on land

It is not by chance that Tam Coc is compared to “Halong Bay on land”, the scenery in Tam Coc is beautiful in all four seasons, so although you come here many times, you still not feel bored. Becoming Tam Coc tourist, visitors of Hoa Lu Tam Coc tour

will be scattered rice bowl panoramic scenery on the Ngo Dong River and then admire the mystery in Ca cave, Hai cave, and Ba cave.

Bich Dong – “The second beautiful cave in Vietnam”

Bich Dong is considered as ‘Nam Thien di Dien Dong’, nestled on the cliff, not far from Tam Coc. This is an ancient temple, with many oriental features with ancient majesty. Behind the mountain is a green hill, in front of the temple is the big green lake. The color of time has “dyed” the whole temple, making the entire space of Bich Dong more fanciful.

Van Long Lagoon

Van Long Lagoon in Gia Vien District – Ninh Binh is the largest wetland reserve in the Northern Delta with thousands of animals and aquatic habitats. Visitors can easily encounter many rare species such as chamois, Delacour’s langur, pygmy slow loris, stump-tailed macaque, civet, so on here. Do not forget to take a boat to enjoy the romantic painting in the Van Long lagoon!

You can travel Ninh Binh at any time of the year because each season, each time in Ninh Binh bring their own beauty and attraction. A trip to Ninh Binh on a comfortable summertime will be the best option to explore this beautiful land.

To make the trip attractive, you should pay attention to select the time to visit. On New Year occasion, perhaps Bai Dinh pagoda is more prominent here, but in summer days from May to the end of June, Tam Coc with nine golden rice fields gains much attention of domestic and foreign tourists. Now, come to Ninh Binh amazing tour and enjoy the unforgettable moments!

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