Attractive Destinations In Nam Dinh

Attractive Destinations In Nam Dinh

Besides the second capital of the Tran Dynasty, coming to Nam Dinh – neighboring province of ninh binh vietnam, you should not overlook King Dinh Temple, King Tran Temple or the other ancient pagodas.

Attractive Destinations In Nam Dinh

Attractive destinations

Known as the second capital of the Tran Dynasty, the city of Nam Dinh attract tourists with a series of palaces, monuments which are the witness for a golden age, in which, most prominent is the ancient city of Nam Dinh. Unlike Gia Dinh City with 8 gates or Hanoi with 5 gates, Nam Dinh City has only 4 gates, each gate opens different views with different characteristics. After learning about architecture, design, you also have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of interior works to find out a golden development period of the city such as Flag pole, Vong Cung shrine, temple of literature…

Beside the emblem of the Tran dynasties, Nam Dinh also owns the relics of King Dinh Dinh Hoang, including the Temple of King Dinh (Yen Thang), Upper Temple, Thuong Dong Temple, Cat Dang Temple in Yen Tien, Y Yen and the Temple of King Dinh in the ancient village of Bach Coc, Vu Ban, etc.

It would be wrong if you talk about the emblems of the kings without mentioning the buildings and historical relics bearing cultural imprints of the people in this land such as the Tran Temple, which on 15th of first lunar month each year an opening ceremony is organized; Phu Giay festival, Vong Cung Pagoda, Keo Pagoda (Hanh Thien), Co Le Pagoda; Quang Cung temple (Nap Temple); Pho Minh Pagoda; a series of tombs of writers such as the Nguyen Khuyen, Tu Xuong poet or the remnant French architecture of this place as Khoai Dong church, Nguyen Khuyen school, textile factory, etc.

Coming to Nam Dinh, you will also have a chance to immerse yourselves in cool water in Thinh Long beach – beautiful beach with fine sand, clear water, light waves, green rows of casuarina, bringing pure beauty and magnificent pictures to visitors. Tourists from ninh binh amazing tour also have a beautiful time to enjoy charming painting reflected on the water, enjoy the fresh seafood party with friends and relatives.

If you do not feel “enough” in Thinh Long Beach, you have the right to hope and expect on an adventure to explore Xuan Thuy National Park, blend in nature with trees, cool water, the birds chirping.

Besides, you can ride the motorbike to dozens of interesting destinations of Nam Dinh as La Xuyen village, the ruins of the Chuong Son Tower, the Binh Minh tile bridge, the 7th house Ben Ngu, Goddess of Nap Temple, the ancient tomb in Nam Dinh, and so on.

Some tips for travelers to Nam Dinh

Any time Nam Dinh is beautiful, but if visitors who have enjoyed festivals Trang An eco-tourism come to Nam Dinh on the full moon festival in January, you will be immersed in the largest Khai An festival in the province.

There are three ways to get to Nam Dinh: going by bus, train or ship. Each vehicle has different schedules, fares vary, so you should consult before starting your trip as well as book a ticket in advance.

Coming to Nam Dinh, you can rent a motorbike or call taxi to visit the scenic spots.

Nam Dinh has many famous specialties such as tam xoan rice, banana for kings, nep cai hoa vang glutinous rice, beef noodle, gai cake, doi candy, green bean cake, nhan cake, Siu Chau candy (Nam Dinh peanut candy) Bun noodles, nem nam Giao Thuy, nem chao Giao Xuan – Giao Thuy, fish salad and grilled fish by straw in Hai Hau, liquor in Binh Ri – Giao Thinh.

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