Bai Ngang Beach – Con Noi

Bai Ngang Beach – Con Noi

Located in the inter-provincial ecological area of the Red River Delta, there is a coastal road running through, Bai Ngang – Con Noi has potential to become an ideal beach in the near future.

Bai Ngang Beach – Con Noi

Overview of Bai Ngang

Bai Ngang Beach is also known as Con Noi Beach, located in the southernmost point of the North. The beach of Kim Son – Ninh Binh Vietnam was honored by UNESCO as the World Biosphere Reserve and one of the eight most important biodiversity conservation areas in the Asia-Pacific region. This place attracts tourists in the model of rural tourism. The whole area consists of Binh Minh town and 3 coastal communes with hundreds of alluvial canals and immense green rice paddies. Coming Kim Son is coming the new land with wild nature but the sweet smell of alluvium and sea breeze.

Kim Son beach is the strip of fine sand on the coast, 1800m long, most still retain the wildness. Unlike all other seas, Ninh Binh’s water is not blue but is red because of alluvium and minerals with smaller salinity and tidal movements also occur faster. There is natural forest land and the wild beaches, watchtowers are the landmarks with spiritual significance.

Con Noi has an area of nearly 1000 ha, located 8 km from the coast of Ninh Binh. Con Noi was discovered in 2003 by a sailor named Tran Van Thong in Ninh Binh when his ship aground on a shore here. Soon after, he proposed to the local government to apply for the project for planting mangrove forest and aquaculture here.

Rich eco-system

Kim Son is known for its Phat Diem church with unique architecture, with well-known liquor. Kim Son land has also favorable nature rich ecosystems with over 500 species of plants and animals, including more than 200 species of birds and many species listed in the Vietnam Red Book, over 50 species of mangroves.

Coming to the Beach – Con Noi, visitors of amazing Ninh Binh tour can admire the vastness of the sea, the sky, and the immense sedge field. With a fertile alluvial area with submerged forest all year round, with many species of birds, mammals, and aquatic animals, Con Noi has become the unique landscape that people cannot resist when taking Ninh Binh full day tour. The richness of nature has made the Kim Son beach become famous and be officially recognized as a biosphere reserve in the Red River Delta. Although the boundary of UNESCO is 5 districts of 3 coastal provinces of Ninh Binh – Nam Dinh – Thai Binh, but the north of Kim Son is really outstanding because of the concentration of the natural beauty of the area and the friendliness of the local people.

The habitat is characterized by thousands of hectares of mangroves, salt marshes, coastal mudflats, and estuaries. These forests are considered as green walls protecting the sea dikes, villages from being destroyed by wind storms, sea level rise, and even tsunami.

Kim Son mangrove forest is the breeding place for marine species. As a nursery for the life of the sea, it provides abundant aquatic resources along with 500 species of aquatic plants and seagrasses that provide many high-value such as shrimp, crabs, sea fish, oysters, clams, oysters, seagulls, goldfish. etc.

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