Chau Son Monastery - A Mysterious And Fairy Castle Ninh Binh

Chau Son Monastery – A Mysterious And Fairy Castle Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is becoming a hot destination in recent times with famous landmarks. In it, there is a place that many people may not have known, it is Chau Son monastery.

Chau Son monastery is also called Chau Son church. The monastery is located in Phu Son commune, Nho Quan district, ninh binh vietnam. To get to the monastery, you start from Hanoi to Gian Khau fork and take a motorbike taxi or taxi to Chau Son monastery.

Chau Son Monastery - A Mysterious And Fairy Castle Ninh Binh

Chau Son was built in 1939. Here, visitors are immersed in the space with the beauty of elegance, mystery and respect. The architecture of Chau Son monastery is like an ancient castle hidden among the cool green forest. The brick wall in red is not painted, and also not plastered, but this rustic beauty makes the difference of Chau Son monastery. In the middle of the green space of the garden, the brick colour is dominant with warmth.

Outside of the monastery yard, there is the statue of God spreading his arms to welcome pious human beings. The roof of the church is covered with elaborate and detailed motifs and in the middle of the church, you will see a white cross against the clear blue sky.

Stepping inside Chau Son monastery, visitors on cycling tour in ninh binh will be overwhelmed with unique architecture, designed in Gothic style. The artistic peak of the cathedral is 21m high white dome. Inside the cathedral, natural light was drawn from two wide corridors through large windows that brought a cool, airy atmosphere. Everything combines together to form a focal point for Chau Son monastery.

Coming here, you will feel the dignity and beauty of Asia and Europe blending into each other as you walk in the corridors of the cathedral. And of course, do not miss visiting the large garden campus to freely “check-in”.

In addition, tourists who are on ninh binh ancient capital tour will be overwhelmed, surprised when you witness the giant egg paradise. Before this space, domestic as well as international tourists cannot miss having 1001 unique picture.

Behind an amazing building like this fairytale castle is an extremely interesting story. Besides monastic design architects, there is also the contribution of Father Placido Truong Minh Trach – a priest who had never studied through any school but he envisioned and sketched monasteries.

In Father Placido’s life, the Chau Son monastery was a brainchild. Admiring the work is not looking at the inanimate walls but the enthusiasm of people who built the monastery.

With enthusiasm full of life, make your feet always go forward, so don’t waste your time, once set foot here to admire the scenery of fairyland. The monastery is only open to visitors after the vigil. In the morning from 8:00 to 10:30, in the afternoon from 14:30 to 16:30, remember to choose a discreet costume and keep the silent in this place.

Arriving at Chau Son monastery, much sorrow in the soul was dissolved, you will suddenly find the life so peaceful. The land of Ninh Binh has now become an ideal place to anchor tired souls after a rush of life. So why don’t you prepare backpacks and willing to “check-in” interesting things in this hot land?

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