Dong Thai Lake

Dong Thai Lake

Ninh Binh is not only famous for its historic sites, ancient Trang An scenic spots but also many interesting destinations. Being included in this list, Dong Thai Lake ecotourism resort, where there is wild and natural scenery will bring you an extremely comfortable, relaxing and peaceful holiday.

Dong Thai Lake

Overview of Dong Thai Lake

Dong Thai Lake is a natural freshwater lake located in Yen Dong and Yen Thai communes in Yen Mo district, Ninh Binh Vietnam. This is one of the highlights of tourism in Ninh Binh. With the area of the lake up to 380 hectares surrounded by green vegetation hills, it seems that the industrialization has not impacted on this place, making the landscape look wild and quiet.

Today, Dong Thai Lake is being developed into the ideal destination for ecotourism industry in Ninh Binh. Located right next to the mountains of Tam Diep, this place has beautiful green scenery and cool weather. The lakesides are winding around the hills, creating beautiful “peninsula”. On the small hills, there are many species of plants and animals, making this lake become increasingly vivid.

The beauty as an ink painting of Dong Thai Lake

In the early morning, space where the surface of the lake becomes clear, pure, the wind is cool by combining together with steam from the surface of the lake. The lake is calm, peaceful, reflecting the poetic images of white clouds as cotton candy, blue sky and the majestic mountain covered with the green of trees. Sometimes, a few leaves fall, causing the water surface ripple. Watching this tranquil scene, listening to the birds’ songs, seemingly all the troubles of life are dissipated, all the barriers are put to the side so that the soul can completely immerse into the heaven scene.

When the sun rises and shines brightly, the landscape seemingly awakens and full of vitality, you can see some fishermen throwing their fishing net. White storks flying in the sky, they gradually fly lower on the surface of the water to find food.

Some “old friends” go for a stroll or bring fishing rods to the lake that just sitting entertainment fishing, chattering some stories. The picture is extremely rustic but makes the heart of visitors on Ninh Binh group tour calm and peaceful.

Things to do in Dong Thai Lake

One of the activities that can not be missed here is boating. Please note that you will be required to wear the life jacket when participating in this activity. Rowing boat in the middle of the lake you will have the feeling difficult to describe, just want to close the eyes of the wind to make the boat ” get lost” to somewhere.

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In the early dawn, the poetic scenery here appears beautiful as an ink painting. The mountain range Tam Diep is virtual and immerse in the mist of the early morning, far away is a few small boats of fishermen, this beautiful scene may have no word to describe all.

At present, Dong Thai Lake is being promoted to develop various types of services such as mountain climbing, camping, boating, relaxation, … Especially, coming to Dong Thai lake ecotourism area, you will enjoy a golf course in an international standard, beautiful scenery will satisfy all visitors on Ninh Binh amazing tour even the most demanding.

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