Ham Rong Bridge

Experience To Visit Thanh Hoa (Part 1)

On the S-shaped land of Vietnam, there is a place, where there are both majestic mountains and vast sea, with both rice fields full of fragrant rice and fresh seafood caught from the sea, including historical relics showing heroic battle in the history of the nation. The way to find Thanh Hoa is always welcome the travelers from Ninh Binh amazing tour who would like to find themselves a place full of peace to see the heart is soothed by fresh air, warmth, peace.

Ham Rong Bridge

The way to reach Thanh Hoa

Thanh Hoa is a province in the North Central of our country which is invested quite a lot to enhance infrastructure, so wherever they are in Vietnam, visitors also move here in a quite convenient manner. Tourists from Hanoi or Ninh Binh Vietnam can choose cars or trains to Thanh Hoa. Tourists in the South and the Central can choose the plane if they would like to come here quickly.

In addition, Thanh Hoa also has many interprovincial bus routes for neighboring areas. Therefore, the way to find Thanh always seems easy for all people have a heart desire to contemplate this land. For example, if you are on a Ninh Binh cycling tour, you can reach Thanh Hoa to enjoy its great beauty.

Best time to visit

Thanh Hoa owns many beautiful beaches, many historical relics, and rich cultural diversity, so the travelers to Thanh Hoa every season also feel the poetic taste of this charming land.

However, when planning travel Thanh Hoa, visitors also need to consider other influencing factors such as weather and climate to ensure the perfect trip. In July and October every year, the North Central region often affected by storms, so that Thanh Hoa tourists need to check the weather before departure.


Thanh Hoa is home to a number of well-known tourist attractions in and out of the country, from landscapes to historical sites. So the service of the hotel, the hostel here also grows. Therefore, it is not too difficult for tourists Thanh Hoa to find a comfortable place to stay.

In the area of ​Sam Son Beach, there are many beautiful resorts and luxurious guesthouses, with beautiful views that visitors can choose such as Eureka Linh Truong Resort, La Carte Hotel Sam Son, Van Chai Resort, Dragon Sea Hotel, Fusion Resort Sam Son, etc.

For tourists who want to visit many places, staying at the inns in the inner city for convenient transportation is most appropriate. Bringing a tent to camp overnight is also a good idea for those who want to get along with nature and save money.

Interesting destination to visit

Referring to Thanh Hoa tourism, many people will think of Sam Son, one of the beaches are put into early exploitation of the North. In Sam Son, there are many ancient villas built in the French colonial period, where the residence of King Gia Long is also located here.

Sam Son beach is about 16km east of Thanh Hoa, stretching over 10km, peaceful water, fine sand and suitable salt will make an ideal choice for those who love blue space in the sea. both. Next to Sam Son are other famous sites such as Truong Le Mountain, Doc Cac Pagoda, Co Tien Mountain.

Another beach of Thanh Hoa is also relatively developed, Hai Tien, is located in Hoang Hoa district. Travelling to Hai Tien, visitors not only have a  bath in cool water, quietly listening to the waves, playing with fine sand but also getting into the life of the fishing village, enjoy the fresh taste of seafood chosen right in the fish market.

Getting tired of the sea, tourists spend some time in their tour to go deeper into the heart of the city, visit the citadel of Ho Dynasty, learn more about the history of Vietnam.

Then, at night, you can admire Ham Rong Bridge in Thanh Hoa city, which symbolizes the modern vitality of this land.

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