Experiences To Visit Thanh Hoa (Part 2)

Experiences To Visit Thanh Hoa (Part 2)

On the S-shaped land of Vietnam, there is a place, where there are both majestic mountains and vast sea, with both rice fields full of fragrant rice and fresh seafood caught from the sea, including historical relics showing heroic battle in the history of the nation. The way to find Thanh Hoa – the neighbor province of Ninh Binh Vietnam is always welcome the travelers from Ninh Binh amazing tour who would like to find themselves a place full of peace to see the heart is soothed by fresh air, warmth, peace.

Experiences To Visit Thanh Hoa (Part 2)

The amazing cuisine

Each place in the S-shaped land has a unique character so Thanh Hoa culinary culture is also abundant. Right in the heart of the city, tourists will be able to step into the “snack world” with nem chua (fermented pork meat), shrimp pies, banh khoai (khoai cake), chao canh (a type of noodle typical of the Central Area), banh cuon (rolled sheets), snails, and sweet soup along the street from Nha Tho, Truong Thi, Dao Duy Tu to the Flower market, Tay Thanh Market, etc.

Traveling to the beaches, discovering fishing villages, you certainly can not ignore the fresh taste of the newly caught seafood still keeping the salty smell of the sea.

In the west of Thanh Hoa, visitors from cycling tour in Ninh Binh visiting Thanh Hoa will enjoy delicious dishes with high mountainous taste such as com lam (rice cooked in bamboo tube), banh rang bua, bitter leaves soup, five-colour sticky rice, grilled stream fish to the sweet cake such as che lam or banh gai.

Various souvenirs

Traveling to some land, buying some souvenirs as a gift to present to family and friends to remember the journey is always what most travelers are interested in. And when setting foot on Thanh Hoa land, that thing is not out of the plan. On the coast of Thanh Hoa, fish sauce Ha Yen, dried squid, dried seafood has long become an indispensable dish that all people coming here would like to buy to take home.

Referring to Thanh Hoa, people immediately think of nem chua, gai cake, che lam as the dish which was deeply imprinted in the mind of many people. Besides, souvenirs are handmade from the local people which are created from the local materials such as snail shell, shells, wood. The rustic gift will make the image of Thanh Hoa so that visitors are no longer here but still remember the image of North Central Vietnam in the heart.

Not only the beautiful scenery, not only the historical monument, not only delicious dishes but Thanh Hoa also bring in the multicultural beauty that anyone come here are curious to explore. The beauty is shown with Tran Khat Chan – the famous general of the Tran Dynasty. His temple is located near the citadel ò Ho Dynasty, in the ancient village of Dong Son.

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Coming here, visitors will also admire a unique image in the daily life of the people of highland Thanh Hoa. On the Muong, Dao ethnic village, visitors will find the house which was built in the old style with the roof from straws, the wall from the soil, in front of the house is the water wheel is used to irrigate the garden. By the festive season, everyone dressed beautifully join into the stream of people, the shimmering dances with smile spread everywhere.

In the late afternoon, the fishermen began to stop their hard work, leaving the sea to return to the fishing village to rest, preparing for work tomorrow. All of them bring the idyllic beauty, but also cause the heart full of peace and warmth.

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