Four Beautiful Beaches In Thanh Hoa

Four Beautiful Beaches In Thanh Hoa

Come to Thanh Hoa, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the immense blue sea, walk on the sand smooth flat and watch the beautiful natural moments on the beautiful beaches in this land. Besides the famous beach of Sam Son, Hai Tien Beach, Hai Thanh and Hai Hoa are also beautiful beaches that always welcome tourists on the Thanh Hoa tour. With its natural features, peaceful space and lyrical scenery, four beaches will be a place that you cannot miss when coming to Thanh Hoa from Ninh Binh Vietnam.

Four Beautiful Beaches In Thanh Hoa

Sam Son Beach

Sam Son Beach is the most famous beach of Thanh Hoa, stretching from Lach Hoi waterfront to the foot of Truong Le Mountain. Along with Truong Le mountain ridge, Sam Son beach will make visitors having the opportunity to travel Thanh Hoa captivated by the natural beauty of this land.

At different times of the day, Sam Son beach again put on the new clothes fascinated people. If Sam Son greeted the new day along with the light yellow sunshine, at noon, this beach is sparkled by the brilliant sunshine.

In the windy afternoon, sunset dyes the sky into pink color, shimmering and beautiful hard to describe. And when the night covers the beach with a mysterious dark black coat, Sam Son becomes quiet and peaceful.

Hai Hoa Beach

Hai Hoa Beach is located in Giang Son Village and Dong Hai Village, in Hai Hoa Commune, Tinh Gia District (Thanh Hoa) and stretches from Soi Mountain to Noi Mountain. Hai Hoa Beach is beautiful, romantic and very peaceful.

Coming to Hai Hoa, you will be free in the cool seawater, lie on the sandy beach to welcome the yellow sunshine, admire the white waves, immerse your soul in the sky and blue water and enjoy the wonderful moments with beautiful nature in Thanh Hoa.

Hai Hoa beach is not noisy and crowded as other tourist beaches that only the rumbling sound of the waves or the murmuring of wind blowing. Somewhere in this beach, the giggling laughter of the children suddenly becomes alive, erasing the stillness of the day.

On the occasion of Thanh Hoa trip, Hai Hoa beach will be a great new choice for tourists who would like to enjoy the beautiful days in the sea after taking Ninh Binh amazing tour to admire the fresh air on the mountain!

Hai Thanh Beach

Hai Thanh beach is one of the beautiful beaches located in the territory of Thanh Hoa province, is about 4 km from Thoi mountain to the foot of Mount Du Xuyen. Hai Thanh Beach has not only the blue sea, golden sand but also the highlight of the small islands far away or the lush green trees.

Along the beach of Hai Thanh, visitors will feel the salty sea scent, admire the unique beauty of pristine nature, explore the exciting fishing village life and enjoy the fresh seafood together with the local people.

One day on the beach, visitors will feel closer, more familiar with nature. Hai Thanh promises to be an ideal tourist destination for those who want to enjoy the quiet, peaceful and immense sea in Thanh Hoa.

Hai Tien Beach

When referring to the beautiful beaches in Thanh Hoa, people do not forget to mention the beach of Hai Tien. With the marine eco-tourism development in recent times, Hai Tien Beach gradually became the favorite stop of tourists in the tour of Thanh Hoa.

With its unique color, Hai Tien beach not only possesses the beauty of the vast ocean but also owns the gentle beauty of the calm river. At the same time, Hai Tien beach also owns wild look, mysterious with poetic, lyrical charm, making visitors surprised and passionate if having the opportunity to travel Thanh Hoa.

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In addition to the sea bathing, you can walk barefoot on the sandy smooth long sandy beach, play on the sand, wake up early to admire dawn or watch the sunset. That would be the familiar experience full of fun in the relaxing days with Hai Tien. Come to Hai Tien beach, tourists on amazing Ninh Binh tour do not hesitate to explore the beauty of this beach!

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