“Go Around The World” In Vietnam

“Go Around The World” In Vietnam

Not only the beauty of the culture and man-made architecture, the natural beauty of Vietnam is really diverse. The mountains in the north in the winter is covered with the snow like Europe, the beaches are also beautiful with white fine sand, the prairies, sand hills in the Central look like in Mongolia, To the south, the canal of the river creates a special charm.

In the world, there are many places that we dream to come but there is no chance, from Japan, Mongolia, Korea … to Santorini, France, England … So, if you do not have a chance to go abroad, then try and experience “going around the world” with the following places in Vietnam.

“Great Wall” in Ninh Binh

It is Mua Cave which is extremely “hot”, is the most favorite check-in spot for the young people taking ninh binh amazing tour today by the beautiful scenery of Vietnam. Located at the foot of the Mua mountain, Mua cave belongs to the relics in ancient Hoa Lu, ninh binh vietnam. Stand at the foot of the mountain and look up, visitors on Ninh Binh full day tour can clearly see the stone steps winding up the mountain.

With nearly 500 stone steps, the majestic, beautiful and attractive setting makes you think of the Great Wall of China. Climbing is also no less “tiring” than climbing Great Wall, but the scene from the top is overwhelming, very worth to climb!

“White snow as Europe” in Sapa

Vietnam is a tropical country, therefore, people always have great expectations for the places where the snow falls. The town of Sapa is normally beautiful, this probably does not need to be debated, the snow season in Sapa is even more beautiful. Especially, in Sapa, the French soul is always present in the architectural beauty of the works here, so Sapa in the snow season is no different from Europe.

“Nordic hill” in Hoa Binh

If you would like to admire a Sapa like Europe sky, you must wait until the winter. However, Thung Khe Pass, also known as White Rock Pass in Hoa Binh, always has a silver-white covering the space, making this place as strange as the hills in North Europe.

“Go Around The World” In Vietnam

Whenever passing through Highway 6 between Tan Lac and Mai Chau, Hoa Binh, visitors would like to stop to admire the “special hill”. So if you have the opportunity to go through this, sure stop for taking a few photos to check-in.

“Santorini of Greek” in Da Nang

Passing at the foot of Thuan Phuoc bridge, finding address 1A Le Van Duyet Street, Son Tra district, Da Nang, you can reach Island film studio. The white houses, located among the blue sky, surrounded by the blue sea, the green grass and colorful flowers, just looks like Santorini in the heart of Da Nang.

With the brilliant sunshine, the cool breeze of the salty sea, the Mediterranean air shows clearly here. Certainly, this place will attract many young people to take beautiful fascinating photos.

French Village in Ba Na Hill

Designed by French architects, the building has long been expected to bring a style of both ancient and modern architecture of the West to Ba Na Hill. Walking in this village, you will be free to admire the romantic beauty of France in every corner of the street, cafe, shop … And of course, the photo will also always be beautiful with “western style”.

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