Handicraft Villages In Ninh Binh - Amazing Ninh Binh

Handicraft Villages In Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh province is a historic and cultural land in Northern Vietnam with famous places such as Tam Coc –Bich Dong, Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, Phat Diem Cathedral and so on. Ninh Binh is also the land of handicraft villages.

Handicraft Villages In Ninh Binh - Amazing Ninh Binh

Lace embroidery in Van Lam Village

Van Lam lace embroidery craft village is in Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh Province. Legend has it that, in 1258, Tran Thai Tong King was forty. After giving the throne to his son, the king came to Vu Lam mountainous region to lead a religious life and established the military base to direct the second resistant war anti Nguyen – Mong enemies. The wife of the Great Tutor Tran Thu Do was assigned to teach the residents of Van Lam Village the embroidery craft. This craft has been passed from generation to generation. Even children at the age of seven or age can make the traditional embroidery.

From the frail but colorful threads, Van Lam people create plenty of unique products with their skillfulness and creative mind. Embroidered landscape pictures, embroider cushion covers, embroidered curtains, embroidered table cloths… seem to have their soul thanks to the hands of the craftspeople.

These products can be a lovely souvenirs after your Ninh Binh Tour.

Stone Carving in Ninh Van Village

Located in Ninh Van Commune, Hoa Lu District, stone carving craft village has had a long history. Experiencing the ups and downs of the time, people in Ninh Van Village with their exquisite talent maintain and develop the traditional craft of their ancestor.

In the past, stone craft mainly produced the items for ordinary needs like flower and plant pots, stone mortar, ornament animals, stone feet holding house pillars and so on. The highly artistic products of stone were only found in the cultural and religious places such as mosques, temples, pagodas… Local craftspeople were often invited to manipulate these masterpieces.

Nowadays, craftspeople in Ninh Van Village are able to make their products on the spot no matter what the size and the weight are. They are also capable of producing their works of art anywhere in the country. Some of their artistic works like statues for worshipping, monuments, artistic statues, ornament tank, stone vase, statues of Four Holy Beasts (Dragon, Kirin, Turtle, Phoenix), pillars,… will be shown to you on your Amazing Ninh Binh Tour.

With the potential of materials source, skills, vocation’s secrets and traditions, stone carving craft in Ninh Van Village will meet all demands of the customers.

Sedge Mat in Kim Son Village

Sedge mats knitting village is in Kim Son District, Ninh Binh Province. Kim Son is the homeland of sedge thanks to a vast alluvial soils. The abundant source of sedge favorable the traditional craft of this village.

Formerly, the main products in Kim Son village were sedge mats. Sedge mats knitted in Kim Son strong and beautiful. To knit the mat, people have to dye the sedge carefully to prevent the mats from being faded easily. Craftspeople have to knit quickly and exactly. The eye-catching patterns on the mats express the talent of the craftspeople.

Today, the products of sedge in Kim Son are various. In addition to sedge mats, people in Kim Son also make carpets, baskets, trays, boxes, plates, cups, hats, handbags,… with sedge. These products are sophisticated. And they are natural friendly as well, so they attract the love of foreign customers and have a firm position in foreign markets.

The products of Kim Son village are also the meaningful gifts for your family and relatives from your trip in Ninh Binh Vietnam


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