Interesing Activities In Ben En National Park (Part 1)

Interesing Activities In Ben En National Park (Part 1)

Ben En National Park has long been nicknamed “Ha Long on the land” of Thanh Hoa – neighbour of ninh binh vietnam. Favoured by nature with the pure and pristine beauty, it attracts millions of tourists every year and is a great pride of Thanh Hoa people. Only 30 minutes away from the city center, this place has become an ideal choice for domestic and foreign tourists at any time of the year.

Interesing Activities In Ben En National Park (Part 1)

  1. Canoeing on the Muc River

Ben En is a special ecological area when full of natural beauty: plants, animals, rivers, mountains, caves … Among them, the most prominent is the peaceful river surrounding Ben En ecological area, named Muc River.

The river water here is very green and gentle. In recent years, Ben En Thanh Hoa management center has organized many halong bay on land tour with more interesting canoes, attracting tourists. When buying tickets for canoes tour with prices ranging from 60,000 – 120,000 / ticket depending on the ages, visitors are free to enjoy the pleasant fresh air, sunbathe, relax and visit the beautiful natural scenery on two river banks.

Besides, there are many exciting activities taking place on the river. Many young people love to explore and experience often choose the option of using swimming buoys and diving suits to explore the bottom of the river. The water here is completely clean, smooth with light ripples, ensuring safety so this activity is really interesting and enthusiastically liked by tourists.

On cool autumn days, on the Muc River, boating and swimming festivals often take place. The calm river surface becomes vibrant again because of the fun and useful activities with the participation of local people and tourists, and foreign visitors. Sometimes tourists also participate in fishing directly, catching fish on both sides. Special festivals always bring you comfortable moments and opportunities to exchange and make friends with many new people.

  1. Visit Ngoc cave

The nearly 15,000-hectare Ben En eco-tourism site contains many mysteries that challenge tourists to explore. One of the beauties that attract many tourists is Ngoc cave. The reason why this cave is named as Ngoc cave is that in the middle of the cave, there is a stone block with sparkling material from ancient times.

According to folk legends, when bathing in a stream of water flowing along Ngoc Cave, people will be cleaned away from sin and dust. This has never been verified, but the local people always worship and transmit each other such beautiful folk beliefs. Tourists actively visit this place because they also want to experience the feeling of being purified once and to please themselves in the clear stream flowing gently through Ngoc cave.

To come to Ngoc cave, tourists can buy a boat tour along Ben En National Park, when you see an ancient Erythrophleum fordii tree that has been over thousands of years, you will realize that it is the entrance gate to the cave. Tourists come here often to sit on the cliffs in the cave and pose with sparkling stones here to keep a memorable moment for their youth.

  1. Visit the local villages

In order to have the most practical experience of Ben En National Park, you should participate in activities to understand the area like direct talking and cooking with local people.

In Ben En ecotourism area, people here have the culture of drinking can liquor (a specialty of Thanh Hoa) with their nose, catching fish on the Muc river and other festivals … With the spirit of hospitality and kindness, the locals are very welcoming tourists from amazing ninh binh tour and encourage them to participate in cooking their homeland specialities such as sour soup cooked from barb fish, bitter soup cooked from pig liver and special kind of Ben En bitter leaves, grilled fish directly on the side Riverbank, etc.

The outstanding festivals of the people here often take place at night and are held directly in their villages. Activities usually include dancing around the fire or telling stories together with the villagers.

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