Kenh Ga Hot Spring

Kenh Ga Hot Spring

From the junction of Gian Khau (Gia Vien), after going over 10 km, tourists will come to the tourist hot spring Kenh Ga (in Kenh Ga Hamlet, Gia Thinh commune).

Kenh Ga Hot Spring

How to reach Kenh Ga Hot spring? 

From Ha Noi, following Highway 1A to the south about 84 km to Gian Khau junction, Gia Tran commune, turning right on Highway 477 through Me town, stopping at Dong No wharf (Gia Thinh commune), visitors of Ninh Binh amazing tour will sail through the branches of the Hoang Long River, into the village of Kenh Ga to visit the Kenh Ga hot spring.

About 90km from Hanoi, sitting on the car less than two hours, visitors can reach Kenh Ga hot mineral spring ecotourism resort in Kenh Ga village, Gia Thinh commune, Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh Vietnam. Kenh Ga mineral water has long been famous as the “god water” to treat the diseases. Coming here, you can see the natural scenery charming country, enjoy the high-quality services such as spa pool, herbal bath, restaurant, hotel, massage, karaoke, and so on.

Famous Hot spring

Kenh Ga Hot Spring has been around for a long time, but it was not until 1940 that the French attend about it. The hot spring supply mineral water containing sodium chloride, calcitriol, calcium, magnesium chloride, and bicarbonate salts. The water is clear, odorless, with the stable temperature of 53 ° C. Every hour the water flows to thousands of liters of water.

Kenh Ga hot spring is more than 1 km away from Van Trinh Cave, flows from the heart of a mountain located on the Kenh Ga floating village into the Hoang Long River. This is a famous mineral water spring, has been recorded into the Top 5 hot spring tourist attractions in Vietnam, according to Vietnam center record books.

Kenh Ga mineral water is a source of hot mineral water has been discovered since French colonial period, appeared in many water circuit. The main circuit is called Vung Soi located on the right bank of the Hoang Long River at the junction of the Hoang Long River and Nho Quan River. The water contains many air bubbles sprayed as boiling and evaporating. The water source was first mentioned in the geographic study of Northern Indochina by C.Madrolle, published in 1923 in Paris. In 1931 he recalled this source in his book, “Climate and Hot Water Resources in Indochina.” In 1941 M.Autret took samples of the analysis and published the results of research in many famous magazines of the world.

Kenh Ga hot mineral water resort with large hot mineral water tank capacity of 50-70 people with 16 very hot jacuzzies. Nothing is more fun than soaking in the hot mineral water, you will feel that the body become soft and gentle. When stepping out of the 40-45 degree hot mineral water tank, you will enjoy a different feeling of temperature change. Tourists can lie on the couch and enjoy the cool breezes from the Hoang Long River blowing in or soak themselves in a 25-27 ° C cool water.

If you stay overnight here, you can stay at the stilt house or hotel. From the window of the room, watching the shimmering river more fanciful by the light down from the river banks and fishing boats. Children’s laughs and other sounds from the other side of the river make visitors of cycling tour in Ninh Binh feel like this quiet place is just their own.

Coming to Kenh Ga, visitors not only admire the alluring beauty of the landscape but also drop off for a hot mineral bath, forget about the busy life.

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