Monastery Of Chau Son – Mysterious Land - Amazing Ninh Binh

Monastery Of Chau Son – Mysterious Land

Whenever Ninh Binh Vietnam is mentioned, the very first destinations that people often think of are Trang An tourism site, Bai Dinh Pagoda, Hoa Lu Capital or Phat Diem Cathedral. However, few people know that there is another quiet and peaceful place with the unique and ancient architecture in Ninh Binh. That is the monastery of Chau Son.

Monastery Of Chau Son – Mysterious Land - Amazing Ninh Binh

Construction of Chau Son Monastery

On the pathway to Cuc Phuong National Park, downstream of Nho Quan river, tourists will see a cathedral with singular architecture which was built totally by hands of its talented priests. That unique construction is Chau Son Monastery.

According to the records about this monastery, this Citeaux abbey was built in 1939 and in 1945 the construction of the abbey finished with the dedication of Father Peter Tran Duc Truong.

Chau Son Monastery is less known because it is located deep in the countryside behind the main road. The monastery is surrounded by a very poetic and romantic natural setting with mountains, river, lake and plants.

Monastery Of Chau Son – Mysterious Land - Amazing Ninh Binh

Founded in February in 1939, the monastery was built without any design drawn on paper. The construction of Chau Son Monastery mainly based on the instruction of Father Placido Truong Minh Trach with the lack of modern equipment and material like cement or steel. The work was completed thanks to the manpower. The priests and local workers with their kind heart and passionate love for this monastery finally bring the life to this solitary area. The wall of this abbey is built of terracotta bricks without plaster. Nevertheless, after six decades, the walls still remains the vibrant red colour and is not covered with moss.

Architecture of Chau Son Monastery

Chau Son Monastery was designed in Gothic style of architecture. The fencing wall is quite thick with the thickness of 0.6 meters and 1.2 meters thick of pillars, which helps to control the temperature in summer and winter.

The structure of 64 kilometers length is highlighted with the pillars designed as the small towers accordant with the overall architecture.

The windows split into upper and lower levels are the harmonious decorations on the walls. Inside are the wooden windows with glass panels, outside are the gouged sculptures with the portrait of Saints and Jesus Chris.

The natural light infiltrates the inner cathedral through the large windows. The light beautifies the round pillars and decorating patterns.

The 21-meter-high vault is highly artistic with the reliefs of the Holy Trinity, Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints.

The unique architecture of Chau Son Monastery really attract the tourists of Ninh Binh Small Group Tour who like photophrapy.

Outside Chau Son Monastery

The monastery is surrounded by the dynamic green of many plant kinds.

At the corner of Elephant Garden is a huge pond of catfish between the cathedral and house for guests going on a pilgrimage.

At the end of the guest house is the dining rooms and behind the dining rooms are a pond of butterfish and a green garden.

Fatima Garden with the statue of Blessed Virgin Mary was completed in 2013. Not far from the statue are four oaks and two olive trees. They are favorable by the climate here, so they grow quickly.

The Blessed Virgin Mary Cave also attracts the curiosity of many tourists. Here is the tomb of the priests who live their whole life in this monastery to conserve the beauty of this place.

The holy atmosphere inside and the peaceful atmosphere outside the monastery will surely capture the heart of visitors who are expecting an Amazing Ninh Binh Tour.

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