Ngoc My Nhan Mountain – The Masterpiece of Nature - Amazing Ninh Binh

Ngoc My Nhan Mountain – The Masterpiece of Nature

In Ninh Binh Vietnam, the unique shapes of the mountain carved by Nature really make the tourists surprise. For examples, the mountain with the shape of an unicorn, the mountain with shape of a dragon’s mouth… And also in Ninh Binh, the rough rocks become lissome like a dainty lady. That mountain is Mount Ngoc My Nhan.

Ngoc My Nhan Mountain – The Masterpiece of Nature - Amazing Ninh Binh

Location and the shape of the mountain

Ngoc My Nhan Mountain (Beautiful Lady Mountain) is situated 4km from Ninh Binh City and adjacent to Day river. From the south of National Route 1A or the northeast of National Route 10, the mountain looks like a girl with the long untied hair, lying on her back. The girl is looking up into the sky and immersing herself in the nature.

The mountain has three peaks. The highest one is in the middle, the rest two peaks slope gentle down like the wings of the bird. The mountain with the shape of a soaring bird, so another name of it is Dien Xi Son. “Dien” means eagle, Xi means wings and “ Son” is mountain.

In Le Dynasty, the pathway for the emperor patrol was made around the mountain. On the four sides of the mountain, the emperor also order the canals to be dug. The western cliff carved three Chinese characters “Tao Thiet Ky” which means the queer creation. The northwest side carved four Chinese characters “Thien Nhien Xao Dieu” by Trinh Sam Lord with the meaning that this is the talented of Nature. On the northeast cliff, beside “Dieu Canh (maverlous scenery) the mountain was engraved with two big characters “Thang Khai” (outstanding scenery). Formerly, the southeast side located an ancient pagoda. At foot of the mountain in the east is the shrine to Quang Te god (Tran Vu Saint who was also worshipped in Hanoi). The western foot, the land is large. And, at the north foot is Thuy Son Pagoda.

In 1821, Emperor Minh Mang went on patrol to the North and visited this mountain. His feeling about this place was carved on the northern cliff. He praised the scenery here as a painting.

Not only climbing the mountain, but also taking a Ninh Binh cycling tour, the tourists also can admire the beautiful scenery of this mountain.

Origin of the names

It is said that, when Nguyen Cong Tru passed Ninh Binh, he realized that the mountain had the shape of a girl lying and facing up the sky. He then gave the name Ngoc My Nhan to it. The head of the girl is laid on the land of Kim Son district. The image of a charming lady whose jade-like body is not covered up but close to the nature will surely attract people who have 1 day tour in Ninh Binh.

Ngoc My Nhan Mountain or Dien Xi Son has another name which was related to a legend. The legend has it that when our nation was dominated by the Duong Dynasty in China, the Chinese sorcerer Cao Bien often flew on a kite to find out the good lands which had both the rivers and mountains. He destroyed the lands where the life grew strongly and fast to weaken the power of the southern nation. When gliding through Ninh Binh, the people here shot Cao Bien with bow and arrows. He gotbadly injured and his kite fell on this mountain. Since then, it has been called Canh Dieu Mountain (Kite Mountain)

The tourist booking Ninh Binh tour should pay a visit to this mountain to contemplate the artistic shape of the mountain created by Nature.

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