Nham Valley – A Wild Oasis That You Might Be Looking For - Amazing Ninh Binh

Nham Valley – A Wild Oasis That You Might Be Looking For

Belong to Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district, which far away 10km from Ninh Binh city, Thung Nham (or Thung Chim – Bird Valley) is located in the core area of Trang An, beside the famous tourist area Tam Coc – Bich Dong. In order to come here, almost tourists choose to go to Tam Coc about 4km, through the Sun Valley then continue by road or boat if selecting go through Pagoda cave.  You’ll be sure to see here numerous species of birds and the most common ones are the stork, teal, startling and so on. In particular, it is also home to many rare species of birds in the Red Book. After being amazed by the number of birds here, you can visit caves in rocky mountains. Leaving boats to walk on the shore, you can visit orchards, centuries-old banyan tree, primary forests, and aquaculture zones.

Nham Valley – A Wild Oasis That You Might Be Looking For - Amazing Ninh Binh

How to get there?

Traveling from Ha Noi along the 1A national road, when reaching the down 3 that having the large gate, turn right and travel along to the Tam Coc resort way. When passing the Tam Coc resort, go along the Bich Dong Pagoda way, near the pagoda there are one down 3, turn left then go ahead to Thung Nham Resort.

Nham Valley – A Wild Oasis That You Might Be Looking For - Amazing Ninh Binh

There are two main ways to reach Thung Nham Resort, tourists can travel by boat to the But Cave or bus to Thung Nham.

What to see?

Lying among the mountains of Hoa Lu, Vietnam’s ancient capital, Thung Nham is blessed with all of the striking natural landscapes found in Ninh Binh. Visitors have the chance to experience ecotourism with numerous beautiful lakes, ancient primary forests and mysterious caves.

The area is becoming popular as a destination for honeymooners and as a romantic getaway, with charming individual bungalows and newly-established resorts attracting couples.

Nham Valley – A Wild Oasis That You Might Be Looking For - Amazing Ninh Binh

Amazing Ninh Binh tour on offer in the area include forest treks, cave visits, and camping activities, with campfires and fishing on the menu. The area manages to combine man-made and natural charms in harmony.

In autumn, the birds return to their nests for the night somewhat earlier. Bird spotting trips take visitors gliding through shrubs on a wooden boat on the lake around 5pm to the bird valley, where they are afforded arresting views of the birds roosting.

Tourists can take one hour guided tours to explore the bird park in Thung Nham, where photography is permitted and the boats sail close to the birds, but visitors are requested to remain quiet to avoid scaring the birds.

As well as bird watching, trips on the river take in the intense red water lilies surrounding two wet caves deep inside a limestone mountain range that feature the typical cave characteristics of Ninh Binh, with stalactites growing in various unique forms. Visitors to these caves will find the experience similar to exploring Trang An or Tam Coc but on a smaller scale.

Nham Valley – A Wild Oasis That You Might Be Looking For - Amazing Ninh Binh

Thung Nham also offers plentiful worthwhile experiences on land. Cycling tour in Ninh Binh through the countryside is popular in the area as the walk that takes in bridges crossing crystal lakes where the freshness of nature can be enjoyed.

The local fruit gardens are also worth a visit, where visitors are free to indulge in picking and devouring the ripe fruits.

Night time entertainment in Thung Nham tends to be traditional and focused on the outdoors, such as campfires and community performances by local artists.

On the plus side, the small number of visitors means Thung Nham retains a peaceful, untouched atmosphere and tourists can relax and enjoy the place, without suffering the crowds and noise that blight many popular tourist destinations. Ninh Binh tourism has become more diversified and more perfect with the combination of the landscapes in the city, making Ninh Binh one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vietnam.

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