Ninh Binh Beauty

Ninh Binh Beauty

Ninh binh vietnam with pristine nature, the charming landscape in recent years has become a bright spot not only of Vietnam but also of the world with millions of foreign visitors who are on private ninh binh tour coming here to visit every year.

Ninh Binh Beauty

  1. Overview of Ninh Binh

Only about 100km away from Hanoi, Ninh Binh is a tourist destination that attracts domestic and foreign tourists thanks to beautiful landscapes plus many famous cultural and spiritual tourist sites. Each Ninh Binh season has its own beauty and charisma, so visitors can choose Ninh Binh as a destination any time of the year.

Almost every visitor coming to Ninh Binh cannot stop admiring the gentle and poetic beauty but also very wonderful with a series of landscapes such as trang an eco-tourism, Tam Coc-Bich Dong, Van Long lagoon, … Each The destination in Ninh Binh is characterized by extremely different and profound characteristics, creating a highlight to attract more and more visitors.

  1. Transportation to Ninh Binh

Passenger cars: Ninh Binh is only about 100km away from Hanoi, coaches are the most convenient means of transportation. Visitors on can choose any time to catch the coach because the North-South buses are continuous.

Train: You can travel from Hanoi on the train SE7 (6:15) or SE5 (9:00). The train is safe and cheap, but inconvenient in time.

Plane: If you are in provinces far from Ninh Binh, you can fly to Hanoi, then continue to move to Ninh Binh by motorbike or car, train.

Motorbike: If you move from Hanoi to Ninh Binh, it takes about 2 hours by motorbike. Remember to run at the right speed and equip the necessary personal items to ensure your health and safety!

  1. Accommodation

Ninh Binh has many hotels and motels from budget to luxury, depending on conditions and schedules for tourists to choose. Some suggested hotels are Hoang Son Peace Hotel, Thuy Anh Hotel, Thanh Binh Hotel, Trang An Hotel, Non Nuoc Hotel … In addition, there are high-end resorts like Emeralda Hotel – Resort & Spa in Van Long or Cuc Phuong resort in cuc phuong national park or Tam Coc Garden in Tam Coc Bich Dong.

  1. Ninh Binh cuisine

Ninh Binh mountain goat

These famous specialities are present at most restaurants in Ninh Binh. Goat Ninh Binh Mountain is raised on cliffs and eats leaves of medicinal plants, so the meat is very fragrant, tender and nutritious. There are nearly 20 ways to process different goat meat such as goat with rice husk, goat salad, goat blood pudding, stir-fried goat meat, etc.

Goi ca nhech Kim Son

Enjoy this special dish of tourists will remember forever because of the aroma of sticky rice, the sour taste of vinegar and also the spicy warm taste of ginger, chilli.

Mountain snail

Every year in the rainy season with wet weather, ie around April to August every year, at the limestone mountain in Tam Hiep commune, Nho Quam district, there are often this famous snail species. Snails often eat wild grass on the mountain including precious medicinal plants. Therefore, snail meat is also tough, crispy, savoury and very nutritious. Guests can enjoy many different snail dishes such as steamed snails with ginger, stir-fry snail with chilli, or mixed snail with salad.

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