Ninh Binh In Four Seasons

Ninh Binh In Four Seasons

With wild nature, the charming scenery of Ninh Binh is a popular tourist destination in the North, just 100km from Hanoi. Especially ancient Hoa Lu associated with many historical monuments. Let’s join in hoa lu tam coc 1 day tour to explore this beautiful ancient capital!

Ninh Binh In Four Seasons

Overview of Ninh Binh

About 100km south of Hanoi, Ninh Binh is a province in the Northern Delta. Ninh Binh with many beautiful landscapes with historical significance has become the choice of many young people who love traveling.

You can go to Ninh Binh at any time of the year. But the most beautiful is probably from the first to the third lunar month. The weather in this time is not too cold or too, in addition, you can visit the temples scene at the beginning of the year. Also, if you come here in April, May, you can “hunt” butterfly season in Cuc Phuong national forest. Ii end of May and June, visitors on ninh binh amazing tour will fall in love in the golden rice fields, or large lotus ponds intermingled among mountains. In every moment, Ninh Binh is still wearing a beautiful, mysterious and incredible beauty!

Ninh Binh in spring

The best time to visit Ninh Binh is spring (from the first to the third lunar month). Spring is the season of vitality, mountain forests, everywhere are full of sound and color of nature, birds of animals. At this time, you can combine traveling with offering incense at temples in the new year, praying for a prosperous year, participating in special festivals of Ninh Binh.

Bai Dinh Pagoda Festival

The festival is held on the 6th of the first lunar month every year in Sinh Duoc Village, Gia Sinh Commune, Gia Vien District. The festival consists of two parts: the ritual and the festival.

The ritual is usually held with incense offering, the tribute to the heroic merit of the country.

The festival lasts from 3 to 5 days, with folk games such as chess, wrestling …

Non Khe Village Festival

The festival took place on January 14 (lunar calendar) at the village of Ngan Khe, Yen Tu commune, Yen Mo district.

In addition to the organization of sacrifices and offering incense to honor the merits of the predecessors of the village, also offer incense remembrance, gratitude to the martyrs of the village. A unique feature of the festival is the report to the God of the village about the success and fondness of learning of the children in the village and the achievements of the villager in the old year. The festival has fun games.

Truong Yen Festival

Truong Yen Festival takes place from the 10th to the 13th of the third lunar month in Truong Yen Commune, Hoa Lu District (Hoa Lu Ancient Town). The festival was held to commemorate the merits of King Dinh Tien Hoang and King Le Dai Hanh.

Thai Vi Temple Festival

The festival is held from 14 to 17 of the third lunar month in Van Lam village, Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district. This is the occasion for the people of Ninh Binh and people throughout the country to commemorate the merits of the Tran King – who have great contributions to the people.

Ninh Binh in summer

Going to Tam Coc, Ninh Binh in late May and early June you will be admiring the spectacular scenery by the bright yellow of the rice fields along the banks of the Ngo Dong River along the green grass of the mountains. All create beautiful pictures of nature.

Ninh Binh in Autumn

About Trang An in autumn, you will not be surprised by the serene beauty of ninh binh vietnam with the river Sao Khe green brightened by water lily flowers. Not only a pure white color but also a light purple color of flowers make you look like getting lost in paradise.

Ninh Binh in winter

Coming to Bai Dinh in the winter surely you will be fascinated by the scenery here. Beautiful as a peaceful oasis, rustic with white reeds.

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