Pom Coong Village

Pom Coong Village

Pom Coong is a village bold the culture Thai people with natural scenery, bringing you a romantic experience.

Traveling Mai Chau, you not only enjoy the scenic and poetic nature or enjoy the mountainous cuisine, but you also have the opportunity to visit the Pom Coong of Thai people which is one of the interesting destinations not inferior to the Lac Village, promising to bring visitors a wonderful experience.

Pom Coong Village

Pom Coong village is located in Mai Chau town, Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province – the neighboring province of ninh binh vietnam. The village is one of the brightest tourist spots of Mai Chau.

Pom Coong is a very unique and meaningful name, in the Thai language, “Pom” is “hill”, “Coong” is “drum”, Pom Coong means the village of the hills on the big drum, meaning the field. Today, Pom Coong has nearly 70 households with more than 300 people, and seven large families living together happily.

When traveling to Pom Coong, you will not only admire the natural beauty of this place but also discover the cultural beauty of the people in the village, especially, the typical stilt house of Thai ethnic people here.

The stilt houses here are usually built in clusters and in their traditional architectural style: the stilt houses are made of bamboo or wood and about 2 meters above the ground with sturdy wooden columns; roofs are covered with rattan, straw or tile; there are many large windows; Under the stilt houses is the looms for Thai girls weaving Brocade. That is the difference in common compared to the stilt of other ethnic groups.

Besides, under the floor of stilt houses is also a place to sell souvenirs for tourists when traveling Pom Coong such as brocade, bag, shirt, hand strap, … made by the skillful hands of Thai women,  making the stilt houses of Pom Coong more prominent.

Traveling to Pom Village is mainly for foreigners taking a private tour in Ninh Binh, who like to explore the life and culture of the Thai ethnic people in particular and the ethnic minorities in general.

Coming here, besides enjoying the tranquil and peaceful natural scenery, tourists also immerse themselves in the unique culture of the ethnic minority here such as xoe dances, gong festivals, sleeping in stilt houses, drink wine – specialty of Thai people, and so on.

When the sun goes down after the mountains, the night falls, it is the time when the musical instruments stand up their melodious sound. The people in the village will dance with the visitors in the traditional music of the village. All promise to give visitors from ninh binh tour a great experience.

In addition, when traveling to the Pom Coong Village, tourists also enjoy the specialties of Mai Chau heaven, such as barbecue with Indian pepper, sticky rice, vegetables, sticky rice, seven-color sticky rice, banana flower salad.

Hoa Binh tours Pom Coong tourism is increasingly attracting and becoming familiar with domestic and international tourists. Pom Coong is the synthesis of beautiful charm: the green forest, majestic mountains, the stilt house bold identity of Thai people. Especially, the friendly people, with dances so passionate people, the songs echoing throughout the mountains are as inviting visitors to the land.

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Mai Chau tourism is always an interesting destination for domestic and foreign tourists, with the natural beauty of the countryside, the special culture of the ethnic or attractive culinary,… all will bring you the attractive and interesting experience.

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