Quat Lam Beach

Quat Lam Beach

If visitors have a chance to travel to Nam Dinh – a neighboring province of ninh binh vietnam – must come to Quat Lam beach, a tourist center attracting a lot of tourists in the summer with clean and charming beauty.

Quat Lam Beach

Origin of the name Quat Lam

There was a fisherman in distress at sea, his boat was capsized. He was lucky when latching on a wood board, but he drifted on the ocean and completely disoriented. Sunshine as fire, burning thirst for the body… In the illusion he imagined himself get lost in a kumquat forest, saliva in his mouth to help him overcome thirst and he fell asleep … When he woke up, he found himself in a beautiful beach, where there is green casuarinas forest, looking like the kumquat forest he met in the dream. The name Quat Lam (Kumquat forest) also was born from that …

Previously, this land was also the desert sand dunes. In the reign of King Le Canh Hung (1750 – 1870), the court sent people to come down for reclamation of this land, expand the country to the East Sea. The powerful people, at that time, recruited people from Hai Duong, Thanh Hoa, Son Tay and many other places to build the dike, encroach the sea, clear the wasteland, set up the first villages, including Quat Lam. Its inhabitants live mainly in fishing and salt production.

Quat Lam Beach is pristine with fine sand, embracing the green casuarina forests in sea breeze like a beautiful girl sleeping in the forest. During the French colonial period, the French also came to this place to rest. From 1975 to 1985, Soviet oil and gas exploration specialists came here for sea bathing.

The charm of Quat Lam

Quat Lam is an ideal destination for travelers to the place to rest and relax.

Quat Lam beach has smooth sand, stretching kilometers. High salinity and strong waves attract many visitors from Ninh Binh cycling tour to Nam Dinh in hot summer.

Quat Lam Beach has an official plan of 151.4 hectares, established in 1997, over 10 years of construction and development, the resort has developed rapidly.

The type of service to serve customers is diverse and quality is constantly improving such as: sea bathing, sauna, rest, eating, sports, entertainment … Many hotels have large meeting hall Organizing conferences and seminars. Traffic is very convenient with public transport such as bus or taxi … The security work order, food hygiene, and safety are well secured.

Come to Quat Lam Beach, tourists on private Ninh Binh tour will be satisfied with the special seafood that nature offers to the sea area here with much cheaper price than other beaches in the country such as shrimp, crab, squid fish, clam … are processed into many dishes with unique flavor. In addition, you will have the opportunity to enjoy many local specialties such as Giao Thuy nem, Sa Chau fish sauce, Binh Ri liquor.

Going to Quat Lam you will admire the French Catholic church built with unique architectural style in harmony among the softness, charm of East Asia and modern Western Europe, visit the ancient temple that has been classified as a cultural and historical monument located in the center of the town. Visitors will be immersed in the beauty of Xuan Thuy National Park – the first wetland ecosystem of Vietnam joining the Ramsar Convention. This is a large alluvial area at the mouth of the Red River with an area of ​7,100 ha, of which, more than 3,000 ha of mangroves are “the platform of international migratory birds” with 220 bird species, including rare bird species listed in the International Red Book.

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