Lap xuong Dien Bien

Specialties As Gift On Spring Trip (Part 1)

On the spring trip to the Red River delta, there are regional specialties you should buy as gifts for relatives and friends. This article will show you some special items you can buy as gifts to your loved ones on Tet holidays.

Sugared fruit, Hanoi com cake

As a convergence of the cuisine of Hanoi capital, with enough sour, spicy, salty and sweet taste, o mai (sugared dry fruits) is an amazing gift that many people choose to buy when leaving Hanoi. You have a choice of many kinds of o mai such as sugared dry fruit from apricot, plum, ginger, sycamore, lemon, tamarind, peach, etc.

Being a famous specialties of Hanoi, banh com is attractive by layers of sticky young rice outside, the fragrant green beans with fatty coconut inside, especially, you will fell the so light natural fragrance of grapefruit. You can buy it at Hang Than Street.

Banh dau xanh Hai Duong

For long time this kind of cake has become a specialty that any Hai Duong people must be proud of. The cake is made from pure green bean paste, mixed with a little fat and sugar to create the sweet and fatty taste. The cake is packed in the paper box, suitable to buy as a gift.

Com chay Ninh Binh (scorched rice)

As one of the specialties of the ancient capital – Hoa Lu, ninh binh vietnam, rice cooked by the delicate and careful process even from the first stage – selecting raw materials. To cook delicious rice, people use the best sticky rice – gao nep huong. The sticky rice cooked in a cast iron pot on charcoal with evenly fire, to create scorched rice all over the bottom of the pot. The scorched rice after being finished must be exposed under the natural sun in open space, and then deep fried right before served for customers on ninh binh amazing tour. The delicious scorched rice is light yellow, spicy, crispy but still plastic inside. Visitors on Ninh Binh daily tours can buy it at shop in Trang An.

Lap xuong Dien Bien

Lap xuong (Chinese Sausages) is usually done before the Tet occasion for three months. It can be kept for a long time, so you can eat all year round. The intestine use to make chinese sausage is the pork small intestine. The meat to make sausage are delicious parts of pork. Lap xuong is full stuffed with meat and other ingredients, and then exposed in the sun for about 3 days, hang up in the kitchen. When you try Lap xuong Dien Bien, you will realize that there is a special smell of smoke spreading from the coal stove. This is the dish on many occasions Tet festival of Dien Bien.

Lap xuong Dien Bien

Banh coc mo Thai Nguyen

Cake made of sticky rice, wrapped in banana leaves or dong leaves, without cake core as other delicious cakes in Vietnam. Sticky rice must be washed with water several times until the water is clear. Local people will continue to soak the rice for a few hours until the rice become soften. Banana leaves are teared into square pieces, people will roll it into the funnel and then pour the sticky rice into the inside, pat outside, fold the edges of the leaves and use soft bamboo strings to tie the cake. The cakes are strung in pairs or small clusters, boiled in a boiling pot for about 2 hours, and sold in the market in Thai Nguyen.

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