Banh gai Nam Dinh

Specialties As Gift On Spring Trip (Part 2)

Banh gai Nam Dinh

In Nam Dinh – neighbor province of ninh binh vietnam, there are quite a lot of white ramie plants, which are the main ingredients that make up the typical taste of gai cake. The cake core is the synthesis of many ingredients such as green beans, pork fat, peanut, coconut fibers, etc. The most famous cake brand is banh gai Mrs Thi, which is loved and bought by many people from Amazing Ninh Binh Tour as a gift when visiting here during ninh binh daily tours.

Banh gai Nam Dinh

The outside of the cake includes sticky rice flour, molasses, banana leaves, green beans, fatty meat, sesame, coconut fiber and indispensable gai leaves. The leaves after harvest are washed, chopped and then boiled, squeezed and then mixed molasses and brew from 5 days to 1 week.

Sticky rice flour must also be another specialty of the local: sticky rice in Hai Hau. Previously, when there was no milling machine, people put the glutinous rice into the mill and then sift smoothly. Mix the leaves are soaked with flour, then knead this part of folk called “dough”, if it is dry, add warm water, knead carefully, the cake is more plastic, and have the black color of gai leaves.

The core of the gai cake is a mixture green beans, sugar, the vanilla, pork fat, and coconut fibers.

Banh cay Thai Binh

The processing to make the cake has many complicated steps, from soaking sticky rice, cooking xoi gac, making ginger juice, roasting rice into “hat ne” (peeled rice), soaking grease and coconut for 15 days. In addition, people must prepare malt, grapefruit fragrance, jam … First, people fry sticky rice which is roasted before until it is crispy and has orange color. Then, makers will mix the remaining ingredients together until they bind together into a block such as a lump of dough and put them into a mold that is then pressed into the finished product.

Thai Nguyen tea

Thai Nguyen tea has long become a special gift for many visitors when visiting the land of tea. After the process of picking and processing strictly, the tea has a characteristic aroma, clear green color, a acrid when you try first and then gradually become sweet. There are many different types of tea with the various taste for you to choose as gifts.

Cha muc Halong

What makes the flavor characteristic of Ha Long squid meatballs is in pounding the meat by hand, instead of grinding machine as many other places. After being spiced, the rounded pieces of squid meatballs are fried in a pan of boiling oil until they turn yellowish and have a pleasant aroma. Thanks to that, Halong squids meatballs are crispy and the taste is very natural, suitable for eating with white sticky rice or banh uot.

Dried bamboo shoots Hoa Binh

Dried bamboo shoots are prepared from fresh bamboo shoots by drying completely. If they are dried by the sun, bamboo shoots will have a yellow natural. If the weather is not favorable, the bamboo shooters will hang up to the kitchen until bamboo shoots will turn yellow. At this time, people tear the bamboo shoots into smaller pieces and then dry them again. Dried bamboo shoots can be combined with many dishes such as bone broth, rice noodle … suitable as gifts for the family.

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