The Ancient House Of 200 Years Old In Thanh Hoa

The Ancient House Of 200 Years Old In Thanh Hoa

When carrying a backpack on the road to experience the new land, each person has his own eagerness. Some people enjoy the beautiful landscape of Mother Nature, some people are earnest to have romantic photos, other people love to learn the beauty of human culture. There are also the people looking for the architectural beauty that made by the skillful and talented hands of artists in advance. If you are looking for the heritage values, the 200-year-old house remains intact as it was originally in the land of Thanh Hoa is definitely the ideal place for the upcoming trip.

The Ancient House Of 200 Years Old In Thanh Hoa

Where is the ancient house?

The ancient house this article refers to is located in Tay Giai hamlet, Vinh Tien commune, Vinh Loc district, Thanh Hoa province – the neighbor of ninh binh vietnam, built in 1810. The owner of this house is the heir of the seventh generation in Pham family – Mr. Pham Ngoc Tung. This is one of the six old houses in our country recognized as Asia-Pacific Heritage should be preserved.

Mr. Tung said that the house was made by the best craftsmen of Ha Nam and also by the villagers of Dat Tai woodwork village (belonging to Hoang Dat commune now). Therefore, it is not strange that 200 years have passed, but the house still retains its beautiful steadiness.

The special structure

The house has a total of 3 main rooms and four auxiliary rooms, which is a place for worship and common activities for the family. The house is 9.8 meters wide and 21 meters long, considered the greatest house at that time. It is not difficult to recognize that the frame, the house columns are made of precious wood. In particular, chinaberry wood was preferred over wood because it is durable, lightweight but resistant to mold.

The pattern is used to decorate a 200-year-old house with  Four Holy Beasts (including Vietnamese Dragon,  Qilin or unicorn, Turtle, Phoenix) and Four seasons (Cedrus, chrysanthemum, bamboo, apricot). In ancient times, this images is the expression for the yin and yang, harmony of heaven and earth, the desire for peace and longevity of the owner.

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As a clan ancestral house ( Vietnamese traditional place of worship), ancient items in this house of descendants of the Pham Family is still saved up to now. Hoành phi (horizontal lacquered board engraved with Chinese characters), parallel sentences, appliances carved with images of Four seasons, Four Holy Beasts still are intact. There are also eight parallel sentences with a seal of the king written with Sino-Vietnamese characters, bringing the ancient and majestic beauty to the house.

The attraction in the old house that visitors from ninh binh daily tours will be surprised is sculpture carved patterns on the crossbeam. Although there is no supportive machinery technology, with the talented hands of artisans, the details are extremely sophisticated, lively as the real. The motifs are never duplicated, but with symmetry, showing the wonderful creativity of the ancestors.

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Going through two centuries, the old house still makes many people admire its solidity. The house has 3 main doors with 12 wings. Despite the corrosive time, these doors still do the job of opening, getting light and cool winds to make the rooms airier. In order to facilitate the repair in any incidents, the mason used the tips and tricks to link the details to each other. From there, if any damage, the frame can be removed to restore and reinstall as in the original.

On the outside, the yard is paved with red brick typical in ancient time, green garden reflected on the water well covered by moss. Visiting the ancient house in Thanh Hoa, visitors who have experienced the ancient beauty of Trang An on bai dinh – trang an 1 day tour have the opportunity to admire one of the architectural masterpieces bold traditional features of our country. Standing in the middle of the majestic space, calming down, you will feel like time is turning back, and stops in a simple but peaceful life.

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