The Fesstival For Peace In Hoa Binh

The Fesstival For Peace In Hoa Binh

The festival for peace of Muong village of Thai people, especially Thai people Mai Chau, Thuan Chau, Moc Chau (Hoa Binh – neighbor of ninh binh vietnam), Muong people … is a very important cultural and religious activity for the community in the northwest. The festival is related to the material, spiritual and religious life of the village, to the harvest, health and wealth of the community that year, so it is organized very solemnly, happily and attractively, attracting the participation of people from ninh binh amazing tour in large areas.

The Fesstival For Peace In Hoa Binh

Often people hold a ceremony to pray for peace for villagers first, then turn the festival to pray for peace for other neighbouring villagers. Therefore, today, the scale of the festival (big or small, lengthy or shortened …) a large part depends on the weather that will affect crops in the next year, but depends on partly of the previous harvest.

This festival is conducted at the headwaters of a selected village (usually Mon village). This is a sacred water source, near the sacred forest, where the power of the goddess of water is most powerful. For Thai people in Mai Chau, the festival is held in a large yard near the common house like festivals in the delta. In some places, people hold ceremonies in the temples worshipping the god of the land of the village, the family, in the garden and in the field.

Usually from the Lunar New Year, everything used for the festival has been prepared. The festival usually lasts for three days. The offering ceremony is basically a buffalo sacrifice (where a pair of big, white-black male buffalo, many places offer both chickens and pigs). In Moc Chau, during the ceremony, the villagers donated black and white buffalo pairs of ten years old. Two buffaloes, in which, the white actually bring sacred energy to become a sacrificial sacrifice. Perhaps the ritual of worshipping and sacrificing two buffaloes is much more common than the one-buffalo sacrifice ritual.

The main person responsible for organizing the festival of praying for the village is a nha, but the person who directly runs the ceremony is the shaman. The villagers, regardless of young and old, boys and girls, are obliged to participate, contribute their own force and have the right to attend the festival.

Thus, the main rituals in the festival of praying for the village have just revealed the belief of worshipping the deity (water god, rain and thunder) and expressing the beliefs associated with the original hunting and gathering. However, by continuing to sacrifice buffaloes, it is possible to see that the ritual is for praying for water gods, for the ancestors to pray for peace, prosperity and wealth. The ritual of religious rituals through hunting become very faint.

In addition to the slight difference in sacrificial rituals, almost all the activities of the Muong village festival are the same in that this is an opportunity for people to gather, meet with ancestors, gods, meet together in both material and spiritual activities; just expressing sincere respect, divine hope, showing the power of people; just praying for a happy, peaceful life and showing the ability in folk games and competitions … It can be said that the festival of security is a unique cultural and religious activity of the Thai and Muong ethnic groups, an indispensable source of fun for ethnic people who live in the remote northwest, attracting many visitors who are from bai dinh pagoda tours.

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