The unique architecture of Phat Diem Church

The unique architecture of Phat Diem Church

Going along the land of S-shaped, there are so many interesting things. Experiencing these interesting things in each place, in each culture helps us build a living experience, deep and sophisticated knowledge. Looking for the stone church in Ninh Binh Vietnam would certainly be very interesting to many people by the cultural features, the architecture here.

The unique architecture of Phat Diem Church

The rock church is located about 30km south-east of Ninh Binh city along Highway No.10. Rock church is one of the tourist attractions of private Ninh Binh tour, perhaps, by the peace and quietness here and also by the unique and rich architecture of this church.

The church is regarded as a unique architecture not only of Ninh Binh, of Vietnam but also of the world. With a harmonious architecture between European style and East Asian art, the church became unique in our country which is very rare to be found in other places in the world. It is because of this special thing that the people here have spent a lot of favor for it.

Phat Diem Church was built in the late 19th century. It took more than ten years to prepare the materials for church construction. Raw materials are exploited in many areas. However, it was not easy to find good stone materials and bring them back Ninh Binh, especially in difficult economic times. There are rocks weighing up to 20 tons, carried by large rafts from South to North.

During 24 years of construction, from 1875 to 1899, the church gradually appeared meticulously in every detail, each carved decoration. The area is about 30000 m2, arranged 11 works. The architecture here is very harmonious and reasonable, making visitors feel very comfortable, and want to learn deeper and more.

Entering the church from the south, there will be an open courtyard. From here, visitors can watch the entire Phuong Dinh building (bell house) made of stone. The three floors of Phuong Dinh are made of shale. There are stone blocks of thousands of tons, creating the monumental, but still meticulous, special and sophisticated beauty.

On the two parallel sides of the church, there are four small churches opposite to each other: the church of St Rocco, the church of St. Joseph, the church of the Heart of Mary and the Church of St. Peter. Each of these churches is considered architectural masterpieces with perfect harmonies in its entirety. Every architectural feature here can be considered a masterpiece.

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The special point of Phat Diem is the Church of The Heart of Mary, which was built entirely of stone. From the walls, columns, beams, bas-reliefs, all are built and carved on stone. The front of the church consists of a central tower which has a statue of St. Mary with twin towers of five storeys, the same as the pen tower in Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi. The inside of the church is made of marble with smooth and gentle decorations.

Here, the stone is the soul, is the enduring vitality of the church. Artisans blew their souls into the stone, infused more vitality into the stone blocks to create a church full of vivid beauty. Over many years, Phat Diem church is still beautiful and charming, attracting many visitors on Ninh Binh amazing tour to come and admire.

Phat Diem Cathedral is a cultural space that is extremely impressive and special. It is famous not only in our country but in the world, people difficult find a place where there are such a subtle, stigmatic and sharp combinations. Western and East architectural styles are combined harmoniously. Faith comes from the West is carved on the church, but the building shows deeply the Vietnamese spirit and culture.

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