Thung Nai

Thung Nai

Thung Nai, Hoa Binh (the province next to ninh binh vietnam) – a great tourist destination – is no stranger to those who love to travel, love to explore new lands. As a “Ha Long Bay on land”, Thung Nai is widely known as a tourist spot of Hoa Binh land. The beauty of Thung Nai is the combination of the mystery of the Da River and the majestic mountains, suitable for short weekend fun trips.

Thung Nai

Located on the river bed of Da River in Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province, Thung Nai is suitable for a short weekend trip to feel the harmony of rivers, mountains and gentle people.

The charming boat landing, the picturesque Thung Nai scenery appears before your sight. A large lake is surrounded by overwhelming and magnificent mountains, in the middle of the lake, there are many islands from small to large hidden in the mist. Perhaps it is the reason why Thung Nai is also known as “Ha Long on land”.

About 80 km from Hanoi, this is a place chosen by many tourists from ninh binh amazing tour to avoid the heat during summer days. You can send your car at the boat landing and start your journey on water. Boat rental services are quite diverse, some islands offer package shuttle services. In addition, you can also rent a boat to move yourselves among the attractions. The rent price is about 300,000-500,000 VND / boat, depending on the number of destinations.

Windmill Island is a favorite choice for the peoples who love backpacking travel. This is one of the oldest accommodations, with beautiful scenery and not too far from the boat landing. Windmill Island is also considered as a unique symbol of Thung Nai tourist area. There are many trees on the island and especially the purple phoenix which is almost unique.

There is also Dua Island, more spacious with many fruit orchards. The stilt houses on the island are enough to serve a large number of tourists every holiday. However, because the islands are located far from the mainland, you need to book the service as well as advance food with the island owner.

To Thung Nai, the most interesting thing is to sit on a boat and enjoy all beauty around Da river lake. You can both enjoy free moment on boat while looking at the spectacular scenery of the mountains, you sometimes encounter small islands, which look quite like the scenery in Ha Long Bay.

In Summer, Trach stream is special places to attract tourists. These are cool, clear spring water streams along with charming natural scenery and green trees.

Thung Nai has many small but peaceful villages. Households mainly live by fish farming with cage on the lake.

One of Thung Nai’s special highlights is a lake on a rocky mountain. Visitors must cross the narrow paths through the dense forest to reach the deep blue lake.

Soaking in the cool water is an interesting experience for anyone. In addition, a thing you have to note that be careful in moving as well as prepare full life jackets when you are on the boat. This is also something you must keep in mind throughout the journey.

The sunset in the river always brings a fanciful, spectacular scenery. Thung Nai will be an interesting travel option for tourists who have ever booked ninh binh daily tours during the hot summer days.

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