Travel Tips To Cuc Phuong (Part 3)

Travel Tips To Cuc Phuong (Part 3)

The prehistoric cave

Nguoi Xua Cave

As a residence and burial of prehistoric people, Nguoi Xua Cave is a unique cultural site in the history of human development and is a precious heritage protected of cuc phuong national park.

Con Moong Cave

Con Moong Cave (in the local language means “beast cave”) is a cave in Cuc Phuong National Park. Although Cuc Phuong National Park is mostly in ninh binh vietnam, Con Moong Cave is located in Thanh Yen Commune, Thach Thanh District, Thanh Hoa Province. Located near rivers and streams, the area has a rich and diverse flora and fauna, so it was chosen by the ancient people as a long-term residence. The cave is wide and long, with 2 interconnecting gates. Con Moong Cave has a quite thick cultural stratum, a very complex structure, with the successive intertwining of clay, mollusc shells and coal ash streaks.

Travel Tips To Cuc Phuong (Part 3)

Mang Chieng Cave

A burial relic of the inhabitants of the Stone Age with stone tools close to Hoa Binh culture, containing many artefacts, human remains.

Trang Khuyet Cave

The cave is located deep in the forest. If you are looking out from the cave door, you will see a moon shaped figure.

Son Cung cave

The Cave is located on the route to visit the thousand-year-old cho tree (Dipterocarpus retusus).

Pho Ma Cave

It is a beautiful cave with many natural stalactites. To enter the cave, you must go through Yen Quang Lake 3, cross the valley and rock mountains.

Thuy Tien Cave

Created by the operation of limestone mountains, there is a beauty that is considered as a palace of King Thuy Te (nixie) with underwater fairies.

The typical old trees

Ancient dang tree

It is a giant tree 45m high, with a diameter of up to 5m and has a root system on land that runs about 20m long. From the gate along the motorway, passing Nguoi Xua Cave about 2 km, you will realize that the left side is the road 3 km long leading to the ancient tree. Passing five rocky slopes, with many plant communities, visitors on ninh binh daily tours will admire the magnificent beauty of the tree. It is a Paris polyphylla (in Vietnam, it has one flower with seven leaves); are woody vines 20–30 cm in diameter, about 100m long, only in Cuc Phuong. On the way leading to the tree, you can observe precious birds such as red-headed trogon, red-collared woodpecker, silver pheasant interesting animals such as black squirrel, red belly squirrel, Delacour’s langur, etc.

Thousand-year-old cho tree

It is a 45m tall tree with a diameter of 5m and has a circumference of more than 20 newly embraced people. From the center follow a trail in the old forest to reach the tree. You will meet on the way the giant climbing vine with a diameter of 0.5m, 1km long running across the forest and species of Da gop co tree. Seeds germinate on other tree holes. When their roots have grown very quickly, they gradually kill the host plant. You can also see the trees that are only 70m tall, straight and round. The time you spend on the route is nearly 3 hours.

Ancient Dracontomelon duperreanum tree

It is a 45m-tall tree, the buttress root system is divided from the trunk at a height of about 10m and then grows to 20m long. On the way to the tree, you also admire the woody vines; species of Da gop co; species of epiphyte such as mistletoe, kite, orchid; birds such as red-headed woodpeckers, bar-bellied pitta, etc.

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