Tu Son Waterfalls - Nine Silver Silk Strips among Wilderness

Tu Son Waterfalls – Nine Silver Silk Strips among Wilderness

When visitors from ninh binh amazing tour coming nine waterfalls Tu Son in Muong land, visitors will also see the white waterfall falling from the wild forests, listen to the water rumbling and feel the majestic and pure beauty of Nature in the land here. Tu Son Waterfall that many people still compare as “the most beautiful landscape of Muong land”  is one of the places that you should not miss when the opportunity to set foot to visit and discover in Hoa Binh – the neighboring province of ninh binh vietnam!

Tu Son Waterfalls - Nine Silver Silk Strips among Wilderness

Tu Son Waterfall consists of nine waterfalls, each waterfall has its own beautiful features. The separate charms blend together, creating beautiful scenery to make people fascinated. Nine waterfalls include Au Co love waterfall, Tien Tam waterfall, Trai Chieu Quan Lang Waterfall, Ut Lot Waterfall, Silver Waterfall, Truong Phu Waterfall, Thuong Ngan waterfall, Mother Waterfall and Thien Ngoc Thach Waterfall.

Nine waterfalls are located in the zone of Kim Boi Nature Reserve, in Cu village, Tu Son commune, Kim Boi district, Hoa Binh province and 60 km from the center of Hanoi capital. Therefore, this is the ideal meeting place for the people of Hanoi and neighboring provinces to get away from the city, to step into the pristine natural beauty on short holidays or weekends.

Walking on the trail around the waterfall, you will think like making a funny trekking in the forest with a romantic space and romantic and airy atmosphere. Somewhere you also encounter some wildflowers blooming, some small squirrels on the green trees. You will also hear the waterfall echoing, chattering birds chirping. Beautiful scenery will make you more excited and the long way will be a fun for you.

Continue exploring the different waterfalls, you will have a chance to admire beautiful waterfalls, bringing the beauty of nature. These waterfalls have adorned the wild space, making it more poetic, sparkling and charming. This scene not only makes you more excited, when exploring nature here but also connect you with nature, making you more connected and familiar with the pristine life.

The early morning, the scene around the waterfalls become so fanciful, magical, making the traveler feel like getting lost in the fairyland. When the sun gives the golden sunshine, the watercolors of the waterfalls reflect the color and light up the light yellow, and in the sunset, the water will be dyed by the light pink color. Perhaps the most beautiful is when the seven-color rainbow brilliantly shades across the “silver silk”, shining a whole sky.

Au Co falls on the top of Tu Son Mountain at an altitude of about 1300 m above sea level. Coming to this waterfall, travelers will admire the silver silk band in the midst of the forest like the shiny hair of the young girl. Tiny and sparkling drops water shine brightly at a corner of the forest and frost dreaming images behind the falls. Au Co love waterfall falls into Lac Long Quan lake, next to the giant round stone, associated with the legend of love story forever between Au Co and Lac Long Quan with their 100 children divided, fifty of which followed their mother (Au Co) to the mountains, the other fifty followed their father (Lac Long Quan) to live in the sea.

If you have the opportunity to set foot in the garden at a height of more than 1,000m in Tu Son, visitors on private Ninh Binh tour also have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature, immerse your soul in the gentle wind. At that time, you will have new emotions, calm and peaceful in the wild mountains.

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