Two “Memorable” Water Lily Color In North And South

Two “Memorable” Water Lily Color In North And South

The sunshine in summer goes away, the rain with the muggy hot also follow the summer, make room for the soft and romantic sweetness of autumn. In the fall, people eagerly await the aroma of milk flowers, aroma ripe guava, and flavor of young rice in the wind blowing aromatically. And each time in autumn, the heart of people once again vibrate with the poetic paintings of the water lily shaking in the light breeze throughout the North and South. Each place carries a characteristic water lily, but wherever, the soft scent of the ‘silk strip’ lining the surface of the water also touches the heart of visitors.

Two “Memorable” Water Lily Color In North And South

The romantic pink color of water lily in the fall

In September, the autumn winds glide lightly, bringing the gentle mist to the house, suddenly, we find the water lily has blossomed everywhere. The fall has really come. The North is the only place in our country that you can feel the autumn clearest. So when the autumn ‘blink of an eye’ to bring the invitation, everyone is overwhelmed in the magical movie of the pink water lily.

Water lilies are the rustic flowers, so in the villages in the North, people often let the water lilies grow up throughout the year in the ponds and lakes. Autumn comes, water lily blooming spreads the fragrance in the wind, making peaceful village suddenly becomes extremely lovely and poetic. If tourists on 1 day tour in ninh binh want to set foot on the pink water lily carpet in the North, come to the Yen streams in Huong Son and Trang An in ninh binh vietnam, you will be surprised by the beautiful scenery here.

In autumn, Yen Stream – Huong Pagoda in My Duc, Hanoi wear a charming pink dress of water lily flowers, bringing its sweetness and beauty to decorate the landscape more attractive. The fall coming to Yen Stream make the scenery become quiet and dreaming, make also the heart of people become calm. Nothing is more romantic than gliding on the clear water as a mirror and enjoy the pink of water lilies and two rows of trees which have fallen leaves.

Visiting on daily tour in Trang An to visit Sao Khue River on the early days of the fall, tourists get the opportunity to admire the clear scenery of the water surface as a giant mirror and the water lilies hidden on the river edge, so beautiful. Besides, Trang An tourists also have the opportunity to explore the system of landscapes – spiritual relics of up to 2,000ha to understand more the ancient capital of the nation.

The pure white of water lily in the south

The South does not have the autumn, because all the year there are the only sunshine and rain with alluvia carrying the whole heart of the South people flowing along the flow. But strange, as promised before, when the North step into the sweet autumn season, the Southwest also steps into the rainy season. The rainy season carries the white of water lilies to the rivers, ponds in each house, making every people also admire because of being so beautiful.

Soft water lilies look floppy but its vitality is so strong as species of weeds. No one plant, no one fertilize, but in the rainy season, the water lilies blooming a whole region, bringing the fairytale scenery for a simple South. In the midst of the vast water, the water lilies blooming, evoking the pure beauty of the lovely southern girl.

Different from the usual pink guns to only admire in the North, South White water lilies are also delicious specialties are preferred by both indigenous and tourists. White pistils from the flowers to the long flower stalks are used to process the famous dishes such as water lily sour soup, water lily roasted with fish sauce, water lily salad, water lily hot pot, … Any dish is easy to make, easy to eat and easy to be “addicted”.

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To admire the “most beautiful white water lily field’ in the south, visitors should go early in the morning. When the rays of dawn fall on the drops of dew, when the ‘breath’ of the earth is still cool, the soul is so pleasant. At the same time, the water lilies begin to bloom, together filled the lake, looking like white herons feeding, and when you are closer, you will be mesmerized by the fragrance of this flower.

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