Van Long Lagoon – The Pearl Of Ninh Binh

Van Long Lagoon – The Pearl Of Ninh Binh

Mentioning to ninh binh vietnam, it will be a deficiency if you do not mention Van Long Lagoon – the largest wetland reserve in the Northern Delta. Van Long Lagoon is as a romantic landscape painting with beautiful wild scenery captivating the footsteps of visitors. In the space of heaven, the beauty of Van Long Lagoon is like a delicate gleaming crystal.

Van Long Lagoon – The Pearl Of Ninh Binh

The name of Van Long is so beautiful that anyone who is interested in traveling would like to visit here once. And just going there once, you will find that Van Long pearl is as a delicious wine, making people infatuated and only would like to enjoy more times.

Only about two hours drive from central Hanoi, traveling to Ninh Binh, Gia Vân commune, Gia Vien district, you can mix into a very wonderful air in quiet countryside, in the alluring scenery and tranquility of Van Long. Wandering on the dike to breathe the air until you are tired, you will be on the boat ready to take you to make a tour in this wonderful “picture”.

The boat leaves the wharf, quietly floating in the clear and smooth water like a giant mirror. In the boat, you admire the majestic mountains, the grass in the middle of the immense water and listen to all kinds of sounds in the tranquil space … In the middle of the clear water, you find yourself like drifting in the quiet space, all fatigue also seems to disappear, only the admiration of the scenery made by the hands of Mother Nature for the tourist land Ninh Binh.

The longer the boat goes into the middle of the Van Long lagoon, the more you will feel that you are no longer traveling to Ninh Binh but as if you were in a drama about nature. There, the limestone mountains rising up in the middle of the water makes you see here as a Halong Bay on land. In the giant mirror, you will see very clearly the mountain rocks named as their shapes such as Mèo Cào Mountain, Mâm Xôi Mountain, Hòn Sách, Đá Ban… You find yourself so small in the midst of the majestic nature and is addicted to this magnificent landscape.

Traveling to Ninh Binh, to Van Long pearl, visitors on ninh binh amazing tour also have the opportunity to explore the ecosystem which is extremely rich in this place. There are 457 kinds of vascular plants in the Van Long lagoon, in which, there are eight species listed in the Red Book of Vietnam such as Chitta gong wood, Anisoptera scaphula, Cycas revoluta, etc. There are also 39 species of mammals, 72 species of birds, 32 species of amphibians, 44 species of fish, 39 species of aquatic life, 79 species of insects. Of the 12 rare animals that living here, there is Delacour’s langur with 72 individuals. If you have a tour to visit Van Long lagoon in the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to see the swarm of langur swinging the tree, climbing the rocks to drink water.

Not only being the Wetland Nature Reserve on the famous tourist map Ninh Binh, Van Long is also a place with many landscapes and cultural relics. Van Long has 32 beautiful caves, many caves are worth developing tourism in Ninh Binh such as Fish cave, Shadow cave, Tortoise Cave. Inside the caves, there are also stalactites with many beautiful shapes that make it attractive to tourists on amazing Ninh Binh tour. The boatmen will take you to visit these caves for you to imagine and enjoy the full trip of Ninh Binh.

In this way, you go from one scene to another, the heart will move from one emotion to another, and then enjoy the fullness of the wilderness in a peaceful place as Van Long Lagoon during the trip to Ninh Binh.

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