Vi Xuyen Lake

Vi Xuyen Lake

Vi Xuyen Lake is a symbol of Nam Dinh city, just as Xuan Huong Lake is a symbol of Da Lat. This is a park including the lake, bonsai with the peaceful and poetic scene. On the bank of the lake is Hung Dao monument King Tran Quoc Tuan located in front of the 3/2 Theater.

Vi Xuyen Lake

Overview of Vi Xuyen Lake

Gentle, serene, relaxed, that is the feeling of many visitors when walking as well as visiting Vi Xuyen Lake – Nam Dinh city. This lake will help people to relax, forget the fatigue of everyday life. Not only that, visiting this lake in Nam Dinh – a province next to ninh binh vietnam, visitors on a private tour in Ninh Binh also have the opportunity to return to the historical values of the nation.

Situated in the prime location of Nam Dinh city center, Vi Xuyen Lake is a beautiful and modern park that includes lakes, trees, and other monuments. The lake is a symbol of the southern city of Vi Xuyen ward, Nam Dinh city (Nam Dinh province). In recent years, along with Khoai Dong church, the park has been renovated, upgraded to a modern urban park.

Vi Xuyen Lake after ups and downs

Vi Xuyen Lake is the vestiges of the ancient imperial river -Vi Hoang River – flowing through the heart of the city. Since 1913, after the new Dao River was opened to replace the functions of transport and circulation, the French took the land in Hau Dong to fill the section of the Vi Hoang River in Hang Nau, Hang Tam, Hang Song streets.

In 1916 and 1917, the section of Ben Ngu River was backfill, and in 1920, the section of river was filled and become Nguyen Khuyen School now. Gradually, the river was completely destroyed.

Later, a part of Khoai Dong village was excavated into a lake from the 1930s. But the work was abandoned during The war against the French (1946-1954). Until 1956, the lake continued to be built into Vi Xuyen Park as it is today.

Things to do in Vi Xuyen Lake

Visiting Vi Xuyen Lake, visitors can visit Monument Hung Dao Dai Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan is located in front of 3/2 Theater by the lake.

Here, visitors from amazing ninh binh tour to Nam Dinh can also visit Tran Te Xuong grave – a famous poet – built in late 1977, funded by industrial construction company Ha Nam Ninh.

The grave architecture was designed by artist Vu Dung of former Ha Nam Ninh Culture Company, who supervised the carving of gravestone and incense pedestal. The gravestone is a stone placed on the side of the tomb, engraved with the name of the poet.

Guests can also visit Khoai Dong Church in the lake area, a magnificent church built by the Dominican Father thanks to the active participation of the laity.

The church was built in 1934 together with the Vicariate of Saint Alberto Ca and the Saint Thomas-Nam Dinh Teacher Training College. This is probably the only domed church in Vietnam.

If you come to Nam Dinh, you should go to Ho Vi Xuyen for a peaceful view of nature, visit the monument Hung Dao Dai Vuong, visit Tran Te Xuong grave and see the typical flower of Nam Dinh which you can only see in some places including Ho Vi Xuyen. Surely the peace feeling still remains in the heart and mind many visitors when remembering beautiful land Nam Dinh.

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