Admire The Beauty Of Non Nuoc Mountain

Admire The Beauty Of Non Nuoc Mountain

Coming to Ninh Binh Vietnam, tourists will be surprised and overwhelmed by the fascinating beauty of the scenery here. Non Nuoc mountain Ninh Binh also possesses an enchanting beauty with unique natural scenery, touching the hearts of the people who are on Ninh Binh tour. Let explore the beauty here!

Admire The Beauty Of Non Nuoc Mountain

Introduction and highlights of Non Nuoc Mountain

Non Nuoc Mountain is also known with the name Tu Thuy Son which was created by Truong Han Sieu. The meaning of the name is that the bird immerses itself in the river shimmering as silver water flow. It is a beautiful mountain located in the city of Ninh Binh towards the southeast, located between the Non Nuoc Bridge and the Ninh Binh Bridge and right on the confluence of Van River and Day River.

The mountain is also relatively flat, to reach the top of the mountain, visitors on Ninh Binh cycling tour have to go through 100 stone steps and divided into five levels. At the top of the mountain, visitors can admire the immense river, beautiful clouds, and calm down to dispel the fatigue every day. The trees here are very green, very convenient for guests to relax and entertain.

This is a mountain with the most beautiful poetry of our country with more than 100 poems and 40 engravings of the notables of our country, such as King Le Thanh Tong, Truong Han Sieu, etc. The mountain is also classified as National Historic Site in 1962.

Non Nuoc Temple and Truong Han Sieu Temple along with Non Nuoc Mountain is a famous spiritual tourist destination in Ninh Binh.

Octagon house at the top of Non Nuoc Ninh Binh

Built in the XIV century and located in the middle of the mountain Non Nuoc, the octagon house was also a place where Truong Han Sieu along with the poets and writers sat together to recite poetry. Formerly in the Ly dynasty, there was a Linh Te tower that Truong Han Sieu described with the poem “Linh Te Tower”. Currently, the tower no longer exists but maybe, you still will admire it in the future because Ninh Binh is planning to build a new tower on the mountain Nui Nuoc.

Truong Han Sieu Temple at the foot of Non Nuoc Mountain

The temple was built at the foot of Non Nuoc Mountain in Duc Thuy Park. Every year the temple is a place for the awards ceremony of cultural and educational in this place.

Truong Han Sieu temple was built in the style of Dinh character (丁). At the top of the temple, there are two dragons with the moon in the middle. The last stage of the temple has a statue of Truong Han Sieu which was cast in bronze.

An ancient pagoda was inaugurated during the reign of King Ly Nhan Tong and at the foot of Non Nuoc Ninh Binh. Recently the temple has been renovated to become more spacious but still retain the sacred features of this ancient temple.

Every year, millions of tourists come to visit Non Nuoc Pagoda. Looking out from the distance, visitors will be able to admire the tranquil landscape of the Vietnamese countryside.

Duc Thuy Park

The park is located in an extremely beautiful landscape, charming scenery located at the foot of Non Nuoc Mountain. People in Ninh Binh with tourists not only visit the park, relax, play games, go sightseeing but also visit the relic, temples of heroic martyrs, and Non Nuoc Pagoda.

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