How to reach Ninh Binh? Ninh Binh Vietnam is an important intersection point, with 9 national highways, spreading evenly across all districts, cities and towns in the province so the most convenient means of transportation to reach Ninh Binh is through the road traffic system. Public transport The bus routes to Ninh Binh from Hanoi

Not only Mua Cave, Trang An or Tam Coc Bich Dong, Ninh Binh land also has a new location for the selfie, attracting many young people to take pictures as the pineapple hill in Tam Diep city. Dong Giao farm is also known as pineapple farm – a quite famous land of Tam Diep and

Shop of coconut jelly If you feel hot and want to eat something cool after adventuring ninh binh vietnam, this article would like to introduce the coconut jelly restaurant – Nguyen Cong Tru with many different snacks. However, the most popular here is coconut cream and coconut jelly thanks to the gentle sweetness of coconut.

Bai Dinh tourist area is a large temple complex known for many Asian and Vietnamese records, located in the western gateway of Hoa Lu ancient capital, on National Highway 38B, in Gia Sinh and Gia Vien communes, ninh binh vietnam, about 15 km from Ninh Binh city and 95 km from Hanoi. The Pagoda is

Spring on all parts of the country has become an elegant pleasure of many Vietnamese families. If you like to enjoy the air of Lunar New Year in a charming place with beautiful sceneries, New Year Ninh Binh could be a great choice for you in this year! ninh binh vietnam is the gateway of

Located on an altitude of 1200m above sea level, Lung Van Hoa Binh is considered as “The roof of Muong land”. Here, the haze covers all year round, so Lung Van is also known as the Cloud Valley, which attracts many backpacking tourists. Lung Van Hoa Binh Lung Van is a commune of Tan Lac

Thung Nai, Hoa Binh (the province next to ninh binh vietnam) – a great tourist destination – is no stranger to those who love to travel, love to explore new lands. As a “Ha Long Bay on land”, Thung Nai is widely known as a tourist spot of Hoa Binh land. The beauty of Thung

Ninh Van stone carving village Ninh Van stone carving village is located in Xuan Vu village, Ninh Van commune, Hoa Lu district, is a famous and unique stone carving village in and outside the province. The stone carving profession here has existed for a long time, going through many generations, along with the ups and

The festival for peace of Muong village of Thai people, especially Thai people Mai Chau, Thuan Chau, Moc Chau (Hoa Binh – neighbor of ninh binh vietnam), Muong people … is a very important cultural and religious activity for the community in the northwest. The festival is related to the material, spiritual and religious life

The peace of everyday life, the majestic mountains and the mysterious epic of ninh binh vietnam will bring an unforgettable experience in the journey to explore this land. In Ninh Binh, there are enough shops from snacks shops to big restaurants, or karaoke bars to serve your entertainment needs. Going along this street, you will be

Van Long is the largest wetland nature reserve in the Northern Delta. This reserve is located in the northeast of Gia Vien district, ninh binh vietnam. Van Long is now a major tourist destination of Vietnam, which owns two records of the Vietnam record book center in 2010: “Where there is highest number of individuals

Walking in primaeval forest Cuc Phuong has built many walking routes in the forest, with different content and time, you can choose for yourself the suitable routes, some walking routes you can explore on your own, however, with the guidance and introduction of the tour guide, surely your trip in ninh binh vietnam will become more