Travel Tips To Cuc Phuong (Part 2)

Travel Tips To Cuc Phuong (Part 2)

Walking in primaeval forest

Cuc Phuong has built many walking routes in the forest, with different content and time, you can choose for yourself the suitable routes, some walking routes you can explore on your own, however, with the guidance and introduction of the tour guide, surely your trip in ninh binh vietnam will become more interesting and meaningful. Camping and sleeping nights in the forest, a long walk to Ngoc Son conservation area, Pu Luong conservation area are attractive routes that many of visitors are interested in.

Travel Tips To Cuc Phuong (Part 2)

Experience Community ecotourism

Nature in cuc phuong national park is extremely important, is the source of creating livelihoods for local communities, ecotourism with community participation is an important solution, contributing to improving people’s lives. With one or two nights staying at Muong village, you have contributed to creating income for people, supporting conservation in Cuc Phuong Forest. During the time in the village, Muong people with enthusiasm and hospitality will give you a comfortable time and an opportunity to learn and explore unique indigenous cultures.

See wild night animals

Depending on the weather conditions, the National Park can host a program of watching wildlife at night, implementing this program, you will have the opportunity to see some wild animals such as Black Squirrel, Flying squirrels, barking deer, lorisids and some small carnivores.

Take part in Birds watching

Cuc Phuong is one of the areas of most diverse bird in Northern Vietnam, with 308 species discovered and statistically listed, including many rare species such as: red-collared woodpecker, Silver pheasant, and Austen’s brown hornbill, Bar-bellied pitta, etc. especially many endemic species of Vietnam and Indochina. Therefore, Cuc Phuong has become a place not to be missed for scientists and bird watchers. The best time to watch birds is early morning and evening.

Cycling in the forest

One of cuc phương eco tourism is cycling in the forest. Biking in the forest will bring you not only the sense of calm, real sense of immersing in nature but also help you get the opportunity to encounter animals which are difficult to see in Cuc Phuong.


Staying at Cuc Phuong, you can participate in many recreational and relaxing activities. Kayaking on the Mac Lake and Yen Quang Lake is one of the interesting activities that many people love.

Conservation centers

Cuc Phuong botanical garden

It is an area built to collect and plant rare species of Cuc Phuong, Vietnam and the World. This is one of three world-class botanical gardens according to the list published in 1997. The route to visit the garden is so easy with three kilometers walk.

Cuc Phuong tourist center

Built by AusAid and FFI, this is the first center of tourist education established in Indochina. This is a place to visit and also a place to do necessary procedures before visiting the forest.

Center for rescue, conservation and development of organisms

This place is built to rescue, preserve and develop rare and precious wildlife species that are endangered in Vietnam; research on behavior, physiology and reproduction in capturing rare and precious wild animals in service of conservation and development; collecting and cultivating genetic resources and creating rare and precious plant species of Vietnam.

Cuc Phuong Animal Primate Rescue Center

The task of the center is to rescue individuals of rare and precious primates (Delacour’s langur, Hatinh langur, Indochinese black langur, Lao Langur, Cat Ba Langur, grey-shanked douc langur, etc.) from seizure arrest; release animals to nature; research on Primate animals such as finding food, habitat, environment, living space.

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