Chau Son Monastery - Mystery Destination In Ninh Binh - Amazing Ninh Binh

Chau Son Monastery – Mystery Destination In Ninh Binh

The land of Ninh Binh Vietnam is famous for its landscapes such as Bai Dinh Pagoda, Trang An, Hoa Lu, Tam Coc, or new places such as Am Tien Cave, Mua Cave. But there is a beautiful destination that not everyone knows, it is the monastery Chau Son.

Overview to Chau Son Monastery

Chau Son Monastery or Chau Son Church is a monastery of the Xitô, located in Phu Son commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province. This monastery is located 65 km from Phat Diem Cathedral, 35 km from Ninh Binh city, 2 km from Nho Quan town center and 100 km from Hanoi. Because it is not far from Ninh Binh city, it will be perfect to come to Chau Son monastery when taking a Ninh Binh cycling tour.

Chau Son Monastery - Mystery Destination In Ninh Binh - Amazing Ninh Binh

Monastery Chau Son was built in 1939, is a monastic church, originally from the Phuoc Son Monastery (Monastery of Phuoc Son founded by Father Henri-Denis in 1918 in Phuoc Son – Quang Tri).

Chau Son Monastery is located in a quiet mountain forest. What is special about the Chau Son Cathedral is that it is designed in the style of Gothic architecture with the main material is a red brick so this is a unique beauty is unique in the north. The walls are about 0.6 m thick, with columns 1.2 m thick that create warmth in winter and cool in summer.

Seen from the sides, the special feature is that the columns are designed into symmetrical towers. The walls are decorated harmoniously by the windows divided into two parts; the interior is the wooden glass door, the exterior is the picture carved the image of the saints, the person carrying the cross and prayer.

Chau Son Monastery - Mystery Destination In Ninh Binh - Amazing Ninh Binh

Inside the cathedral, natural light suffers into two large corridors through large windows that embellish round columns; decorative motifs, statues, and reliefs are beautiful and unique. In the heart of the cathedral, the 21m high white domed roof is the culmination of architectural art. The monumental beauty of the monastery is also enhanced by a large garden courtyard decorated with fresh lawns, blocks of strange rocks and green trees.

The vivid picture

The monastery was built simply but becomes prominent in the deserted mountainous hill. The “Casing” of the entire cathedral is made of bricks, not plastered. The unique feature is that in more than six decades there is not any moss, the monastery still maintains the rustic red like the churches in Saigon.

Coming to Chau Son Monastery, you will feel the solemnity and sacredness here. With a long history and Gothic architecture built from red brick, the monastery became especially cozy.

Each of the pillars, the high corner of the wall, the steps show up an ancient beauty and seductive charm. The white dome of the monastery and the geometric details are manipulated and exploited creatively to create a majestic space in the cathedral.

Chau Son Monastery - Mystery Destination In Ninh Binh - Amazing Ninh Binh

In addition to the main building, the Priory campus is also a focal point which makes you captivated by its artics arrangement. You can see that the left and right sides of the monastery are decorated and arranged very ingeniously. Besides the low fresh green grassland, gravel is arranged beautifully. The white stones rounded like eggs is laid with boulders bigger than a human head. The entrance road is also decorated with gravelly stones and bonsais taken naturally from nearby mountain areas.

There is also a lot of birds singing in the cathedral, and if lucky you will hear his father playing the piano in the church.

Peaceful space and the poetic scenery is definitely a great destination for you to explore Ninh Binh. Thus it will be the optimistic ideal if you take a Ninh Binh special daily tour and visit this “ancient palace”.

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