Bai Dinh – Trang An - Amazing Ninh Binh

Bai Dinh – Trang An

With thousand-year limestone mountain chains, valleys, caverns, ecosystem, lakes and mangrove forests; Trang An – Bai Dinh ecotourism has annually attracted a lot of visitors. Besides, this place also has a big mount of pagodas and Buddha’s which is famously in Asia. It is not far away from Ha Noi, so that Ninh Binh tour is prettily suitable to travel in Bai Dinh- Trang An 1 day tour

Bai Dinh – Trang An - Amazing Ninh Binh

Tràng An – “so-called Ha Long bay on the ground”. It is the well- known ecotourism in Ninh Binh, larger than 2000 hectares area. The beauty of Trang An is made by the mixture of limestone mountain chains, caverns, valleys, rivers and several historic evidences which create the mysterious and breathtaking space of itself.

Firstly, when is the most suitable time of travelling in Trang An- Bai Dinh?

The most comfortable time we should come here is from January to March according to lunar calendar which is seen as the most beautiful time in year. At this time, it is spring, not too much cold or hot; so that you can mix both travelling the landscapes and worshipping. . Let’s see the price tag before you use vehicles or enjoy any local cuisine here to make sure it is not overpriced and you are not cheated. What is more, this is the time that travelers also come here very crowded so that it is usually overloaded. And, you should also be careful because of robber, snatch and run here.

Bai Dinh – Trang An - Amazing Ninh Binh

Secondly, having many types of vouchers when you want to visit Trang An- Bai Dinh:

Cave ecosystem area Trang An, cost: 200.000 vnd/ person and child lower 1m40: 100.000 vnd/person

Acient area Trang An, cost: 45.000 vnd/person

Spiritual area- Bai Dinh pagoda, cost: travelling Bao tower (50.000 vnd/ person) and streetcar: 30.000 vnd/person

Many people wonder how to travel Trang An- Bai Dinh from Ha Noi?

Bai Dinh – Trang An - Amazing Ninh Binh

The best way is by coach, you can catch the coach from Giap Bat or My Dinh coach station. If you want to experience daily tour in Trang An you should start early from 4-5 a.m. and you come here approximately at 7 o’clock in the morning. The distance between Ninh Binh city and Trang An is 7 kilometres and from Trang An to Bai Dinh is 7 kilometers.

or if you use the private vehicle: you can use the motorbike, it is the best choice; specially, with the young people. If you chose the motorbike to move from the center of Ha Noi, you should follow to the Van Dien- Thuong Tin route, after that, following to Highway 1A and then you will go to the beautiful Ninh Binh. Having a note to you, the roads is slippery in some parts, let’s be careful when it rains.

Thirdly, where will we rest in Ninh Binh?

If you have a plan rest in Trang An- Bai Dinh, it will be not too difficult to find a suitable place; however, most of the hotels and motels are in the center of Ninh Binh, so that you should previously plan and book. Having some good choices for you if you look for or book on some websites, such as:,, to know thoroughly all information and have the best choice for yourself.

Fourthly, the attractive travelling places in Trang An – Bai Dinh which you cannot miss.

The caves in Trang An: visitors may hire a boat to travel all of 12 caves which flow according to the stream; including caverns with the special names such as: Sang, Toi, Sinh, Si, Ba Giot, Kong… etc. And others pagodas and temples as: Trinh temple, Tran temple, Khong palace, …

Finally, there are the traditional food here, we can tell to mountain goat cuisine, rice crust at the bottom of the pot… you can enjoy or bring back as a gift for your family and friends

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