Cuisine of Ninh Binh - Amazing Ninh Binh

Cuisine of Ninh Binh

When coming to Ninh Binh you can not miss which is traditional food here. This place is well-known with natural food from forest, mountain and sea.

Rice crust at the bottom of the pot with salted shredded meat

This is the most famous food and always mentions firstly of Ninh Binh cuisine. This food has the main material which is the rice burnt at the bottom of the pot, then, it is dried out under the sunlight and fried in the oil pan. When enjoying, you will recognize the taste of rice, salted shredded meat and delicious sauce.

The rare goat

It is not only for drinking but is also everyone. Enjoying this special food you will never forget it. Mountain goat Ninh Binh is cooked to many different types, however, the most reputation is the rare goat and added to attractive sauce and some edible leaves which make the eater want to come back twice.

Cuisine of Ninh Binh - Amazing Ninh Binh

Shrimp paste

This is made from a kind of small fresh shrimp, with some spice, water and held in the big jar. We must wait for a month if you want to enjoy a wonderful bowl of sauce.

Cuisine of Ninh Binh - Amazing Ninh Binh

In Ninh Binh, Shrimp paste Gia Vien is the best so that if you have a chance, let’s visit here and enjoy it.

The steamed glutinous rice with ant eggs

Not only the high mountains in the northern where the ant egg food appears, in the limestone mountain Nho Quan also is a house of that type of ant with a huge amount so that local people uses this to create a special teamed glutinous rice.

After making clear, mixing with sauce and then, trying ripe this delicacy will eat with steamed glutinous rice, dried onion. It is a special scent.

Wine Nho Quan

Wine Nho Quan is a cuisine of Muong people, it is made from stick rice mixed with glaze rice in the big jar. After that, it is held in 3 months at least and then used. This kinds of drink has a hot taste and strong scent.

Braised fish

Giao is the name of this food. It is the traditional food in Ninh Binh, has a lot of place near to hills and streams. They use fruits Gao to cook a sour soup or hot fish and meat. Fruits Gao are sour, a little sweat so that when it is chosen to cook with fish not only get rid of smell of fish but also help fish sweeter, softer and more scented.

The meat roll Yen Mac

The meat roll Yen Mac is the well- known meat roll which is a legend a long time. This meat roll is cooked carefully and with the high standard. When eating we should enjoy with some kinds of edible leaves and a bowl of wonderful sauce. That combination makes this delicacy of Ninh Binh.

The noodle Moc

If you have a chance to visit Phat Diem temple of worship ( Kim Son district), let’s stop at that place and enjoy the hot noodle here. The materials which are used to cook are very simple such as: peziza, pork, onion, a little chilli and many different spices. However, the wonderful thing of local people here creates the noodle just only when you enjoy it you know all of the interesting scents of this meal.

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