Kenh Ga Hot Spring – Ideal Destination In Ninh Binh - Amazing Ninh Binh

Kenh Ga Hot Spring – Ideal Destination In Ninh Binh

Having been discovered since the French colonialism, Kenh Ga hot spring not only attracts the curiosity of the geologists of many countries but also becomes a famous eco-resort that people often refer to when mentioning Ninh Binh Tourism.

Kenh Ga Hot Spring – Ideal Destination In Ninh Binh - Amazing Ninh Binh

Scientific facts

Kenh Ga Hot Spring is the source of salty hot mineral water. Water flows on many courses. The main course is Vung Soi (Boiling Puddle) which is located on the right bank of Hoang Long river, at the confluence of Hoang Long River and Nho Quan river. The water here has many air bubbles as boiling and evaporating. This source of water was first cited in C. Madrolle’s study on geography of Northern Indochina, published in 1923 in Paris. In 1931, he mentioned it once again in his book “Climatology and water sources in Indochina”. In 1941, the sample of the water was taken for analyzing and the result was posted on many international well-known magazine by C. Madrolle.

Way to Kenh Ga Hot Spring

90 kilometers from Hanoi, it take less than 2 hours to go to Kenh Ga hot spring by bus. This is such an exciting place that you should not miss when going on a Ninh Binh Tour.

After getting off, tourists travel by boat from Dong Chua wharf. The boat drifts along Hoang Long river through the immense space of mountain breeze and fragrance of summer crop to reach Kenh Ga hot spring.

Kenh Ga hot spring is located in a special place on the island surrounded by romantic river. However, it is not isolated from the surroundings. Therefore, tourists still can perceive the peaceful life of the riverside Christian village and warm prays from the local church in the sunset.

Things to do at Kenh Ga Hot Spring

Kenh Ga’s water has been known as a remedy for many diseases with charming natural setting.

People come to Kenh Ga mainly to bath. Kenh Ga hot spring resort has a large pool of hot mineral water with a capacity of 50-70 people and 16 powerful jets of water. You can enjoy your private space at private pools. There are 18 private pools built at the foot of the mountains. Tourists bath themselves in water and scoop water with the pretty coconut shell ladle while beholding the natural scenery. Nothing is more interesting than bathing in the hot water until the body and stress are released. After that, you can dip in a pool of cold water which is 25-27 degree Celsius.

Besides hot water pool, tourists coming to Kenh Ga have a wide choices of entertainment such as karaoke lounge, massage spas,  restaurant or pools of herbal water.

Housing in Kenh Ga

If you have ever been on Ninh Binh Cycling Tour, you should have known the tastiness of local food. At Kenh Ga hot spring eco-resort, you will be also served the finest of local cuisine in an exquisite space by the talented chefs.

Visitors who want to stay at Kenh Ga overnight can hire rooms in hotels or hostels. From the window of your room, glistening river, the riverside light and the small fishing boats are all caught in your sight. That was an ideal place to those who love peaceful moments.

How about party lovers? They can set up a camp fire to grill the fresh food or sing together and dance together among the poetic nature.

Ninh Binh small group tour is a wise choice if you cannot wait to visit Kenh Ga hot spring. Come and enjoy.

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