Scenery Of Non Nuoc Mountain And Pagoda

Scenery Of Non Nuoc Mountain And Pagoda

The historical relic of Non Nuoc Mountain and Pagoda has long become a tourist attraction with the calm and tranquil beauty of Ninh Binh Vietnam.

Scenery Of Non Nuoc Mountain And Pagoda - Amazing Ninh Binh

Overview of Non Nuoc

Non Nuoc Pagoda and Mountain, located in the North East of Ninh Binh City and on an area of nearly 2,000m², is famous for its scenic beauty. This is known as a tourist symbol of Ninh Binh city.

Non Nuoc Mountain is located at the confluence of Van River with Day River, interposed between Non Nuoc Bridge and Ninh Binh Bridge. The mountain is an outpost located at the gateway to the east of Ninh Binh city. To reach the top of  Non Nuoc Mountain, you have to climb up 72 stone steps divided into 5 levels. The mountain is relatively flat, there are green cool trees, so it is a very convenient place to visit and relax for visitors of Ninh Binh group tour.

Non Nuoc Pagoda – a century-old pagoda located at the foot of Non Nuoc Mountain, always brings in sacred and quiet feeling for tourists. The pagoda was built by stone under King Ly Nhan Tong and was renovated and expanded. Each year, the temple welcomes hundreds of visitors and Buddhist to worship.

Destination associated with famous people

Non Nuoc Mountain is a famous place associated with cultural celebrity Truong Han Sieu. He discovered the beauty of the mountain and named the mountain as Duc Thuy which means “the Halcyonidae bird baths on the silver-water river.”

It was here that he saved a poem for other poets to enjoy. From here, there were many poems of other poets carved on stone such as Tran Anh Tong, Pham Su Manh, Nguyen Trai, Le Thanh Tong, Cao Ba Quat, Ngo Thi Nham, Cao Ba Quat, Nguyen Khuyen, etc.

What to admire on Non Nuoc

To reach the summit of Non Nuoc, you must step on seventy-two stone steps divided into five levels, many stone steps were worn down by time and human feet. The higher you step, the fresher air becomes, giving people who participate in private Ninh Binh tour the feeling of getting lost in the fairyland. The mountain is relatively flat, green trees, the middle of the mountain is Nghinh Phong Cac built in the 14th century, convenient for tourists to relax and enjoy the scenery.

At the foot of the mountain is Non Nuoc Pagoda – an ancient pagoda of hundreds of years old. The pagoda was built from the Ly dynasty, under King Ly Nhan Tong. The temple was built of stone, with curved roof. In 2006, the temple was renovated more spacious but still retain the sacred look. Every year, the pagoda welcomes thousands of domestic and international tourists to visit and worship. From the temple, visitors will be able to see the peaceful and quiet village.

Located in the southwest of Duc Thuy Mountain is the temple of famous cultural celebrity Truong Han Sieu. The temple is constructed in ancient style consisting of three chapels of the road and two halls, two apses. The rooftop at the two ends looks like a dragon boat sailing in the midst of the sky.

Truong Han Sieu Temple was set up at the foot of Non Nuoc Mountain in Duc Thuy Son park located on Day River in Ninh Binh City. The temple has a special role: often the place of awarding culture prize and incentives study in Ninh Binh as Truong Han Sieu award, excellent student awards, etc.

Over 72 steps to the top of NonNuoc Mountain, you will feel the fresh and light air mixed with the scenery here looking like the fairyland.

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