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Ky Lan Mountain – The green gem of Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh Vietnam is the land favored by Nature. It is because this place is gifted with many scenic landscapes and majestic mountain. One of four most well-known mountains that the tourist joining Ninh Binh tour will surely come to admire is Ky Lan Mountain.

Unique shape of the mountain

Ky Lan Mountain is a rocky island located in the center of Ninh Binh city in Tan Thanh Ward. The mountain is next to the A1 Highway and Trang An Avenue connecting Trang An – Hoa Lu and Bai Dinh Pagoda. The position is convenient for the visitors who join Bai Dinh – Trang An 1 day tour to pay a visit.

Ky Lan Mountain has the shape of a unicorn head looking towards the North. The mountain is over 50m. The north side of the mountain has been hollowed as the shape of unicorn mouth. The cliffs undulate with green trees, which looks like the flowing mane of the horse.

The mountain, though small, has 5 caves around. Toi Cave (Dark Cave) is 10m long; Sang Cave (Light Cave) is about 30m through the mountain in the North-South direction. In the two sides of the cave, the rocks are upright and flat as a trench to travel through. Ngang Cave (Cross Cave) crosses the mountain with the depth of 8m; Den Cave (Temple Cave) is adjacent to the temple of the Lord’s Daughter in the Northwest. Trung cave (Middle Cave) is on the halfway up the mountain with the depth of 10m.

The surroundings of Ky Lan mountain

There are two bridges leading to Ky Lan Island from two sides. A stone arch bridge with seven spans crosses Trang An River in the south; it is 2m wide, 22m long and4m high. The other smaller bridge without railing made of stone is put in the north. Each bridge is a large stone plate. Mount Ky Lan is a natural rock formation in the heart of the Trang An River; it is like a unique natural garden with hundreds of ornamental plants, flowers, orchids, stones, and rocks. In the mountains are the ancient towers hidden in the luxuriant green of the leaves. At the foot of the mountain is the Temple of Lord’s Daughter. The legend has it that she was the person who sacrificed herself and became the wife of unicorn monster to help the people.

Mount Ky Lan is a place where leaves the imprint of the most outstanding features of the sea, sea wave prints are still very clear, letting people know that there have been many stages of sea invasion in this land. Particularly, on the prints of the waves here are also released sediment containing animal bones, sea mollusk shell, these are the important data to determine the age and the marine transgression and regression.

There are many kinds of trees and bonsai trees in Ky Lan Mountain, such as arringtonia acutangula, banyan trees, red leaves chrey pren, cycads… Vines of colorful flowers creep up rocky mountains. Here is the house for some rare birds, mammals. It is a heaven garden on earth with color, sound and scent of Ninh Binh Tourism.

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