Tips For A One-Day-Tour In Trang An - Amazing Ninh Binh

Tips For A One-Day-Tour In Trang An

Trang An eco-tourism, a famous tourist attraction in Ninh Binh, attracts millions of tourists every year. Some people may not have too much time to stay in Vietnam, so they can only choose Trang An 1 day tour. The following suggestions will show you how to have an meaningful tour in Trang An within one day.

Tips For A One-Day-Tour In Trang An - Amazing Ninh Binh

Best time for touring Trang An

Spring time, from the first lunar month to the third lunar month, is the best time to visit Trang An. At this time, the weather is ideal for the activities like sightseeing, visiting pagodas… because it is not too hot or too cold.

There is also an enormous number of the tourists coming to Trang An at this time. People not only go sightseeing but also go to pray for a good year. Therefore, instead of paying a visit to Trang An at weekend, you should come here on weekday to avoid the crowds.

Transportations to Trang An

There is a wide choice of transportations to Trang An.

The most convenient way to get to Trang An is booking daily tour in Trang An with your travel agent in Hanoi. Their shuttle bus will pick you up at your hotel or accommodation and drive you to Trang An without any worry.

To people who love adventures, it often takes from 2 to 3hours to go by their private vehicles. From Hanoi center, follow the direction of Van Dien-Thuong Tin and then go on A1 High Way, you will get to Ninh Binh. The local residents are willing to show you the way to Trang An.

How about the people who like the moderate speed of the train? Is there any train to Ninh Binh? The answer is “Yes”. The train station is only 20km of Bai Dinh Pagoda. The ticket price ranges from 80,000 dong to 180,000 dong. It is advised that you should book early train because to move to Trang An – Bai Dinh, you must take a taxi or a bus.

Coach is also the choice of many people coming to Ninh Binh. However, from the station, the tourists have to travel to Trang An by taxi, motorbike taxi or bus.

Destinations in Trang An

Trang An was the defending system of Hoa Lu Ancient Capital in the south, so the remains of the ancient dynasties as well as the vestiges of temples and palaces are still preserved in this place.

Ninh Binh Vietnam in general and Trang An in particular is famous for the dense population of picturesque caves. Coming to Trang An, the visitors cannot miss 12 beautiful caves. The tourists will float downstream on the bamboo boats through Sang Cave (Light Cave), Toi Cave (Dark Cave), Dia linh cave, Nau Ruou Cave, Sinh Cave, Si Cave, Ba Giot Cave, Seo Cave, Son Duong Cave, Khong Cave and Tran Cave. It often takes over 3 hours to visit all the caves on a way of 5 kilometers long. To save the time, the guide and the boatpeople often introduce you the most beautiful caves here.

Besides caves, the legendary land of Trang An is the place to worship and remember the merits of the emperors and their proficient assistants. If you plan to visit Trang An, you should come to Khong palace to listen to the story of the seven loyal mandarins, or Tran temple to show your respect to the general under the reign of King Hung the eighteenth who protected the border of the country.

One of the most well-known spiritual destination in Ninh Binh is Bai Dinh Pagoda. The amount of Buddhism statues in Bai Dinh help to compile its name into the list the world records. This is also one of the largest pagoda in Vietnam, so the tourists often go by the electric car to contemplate the architecture of the pagoda. Coming to Bai Dinh, people will be immersed in the mystic atmosphere which make the tourists unconsciously clasp their hands to pray for the peace of their relatives.

The above sharing about one day tour in Trang An partly helps you to plan for your trip. You should experience yourself in Trang An to capture the most memorable moments as well as the beauty of Trang An. Trang An always warmly welcome you.

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