Gia Thuy Pottery Village

Gia Thuy Pottery Village

Gia Thuy pottery village is located in Gia Thuy commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh Vietnam, which is a traditional pottery village with a life of more than 50 years. According to the artisans of the village, Gia Thuy pottery has the origin of Long Thinh pottery. In 1959, some potters in Thanh Hoa migrated here and opened a number of pottery kilns to serve for daily life such as pots, pots, jars and pots. Since then, Gia Thuy pottery village was born.

Gia Thuy Pottery Village

Inheriting the quintessence of shaping art, the cultural characteristics of the country, the artists of Gia Thuy pottery village have created ceramic products which not only serves the daily life but also honours the unique cultural values ​​of our nation. The jars were created as a fusion of soil and fire, but they hide talented hands and artist souls of Gia Thuy pottery village. In 2007, Gia Thuy pottery village was recognized as a traditional village. After many years of ups and downs, Gia Thuy pottery is still standing and growing strongly.

To make a complete ceramic product to consumers, there are many stages and every stage is equally important. Even the seemingly simple steps just needing the strength to complete such as prepare soil, firing the furnace also requires the workers to have meticulous, skilled and delicate observations.

Gia Thuy is chosen to develop pottery craft because this land has characteristic clay, suitable for pottery making. The characteristic of Gia Thuy pottery is made of clay material with golden brown colour, which is available locally and only in craft villages. This soil has high adhesion, smooth and good heat resistance. When taken, the soil will be dried, crushed and put into a soaking tank. After that, the potters stir the clay and filter it thoroughly through the sieve. Decanting the water above, they will take the solidified soil and bring it to dry, until it is enough plastic to bring it out. The drying of the soil also requires carefulness, because if it is too dry or too wet, it will be difficult to shape.

It is also important to keep fire in the kiln. In order to produce a beautiful and quality product, the firing of products plays a decisive role. If during the firing process, the workers do not adjust the fire, adjust the temperature accordingly, the product will deform, warp or crack …

Depending on the type of product, the worker will mold the soil in different forms. Normally, to make the jars, jars and pots, the workers will squeeze the soil into long and round fibres so that it is easier to put it on the wheels.

The person who creates the image, the flower, and the story on the pottery must pass through classes or have senior skills. Because when doing this stage, you have to draw an image and then shape the soil into a suitable shape. Each picture on the ceramic vase shows the vivid and soulful characteristic of Gia Thuy pottery village.

Through the traditional products of Gia Thuy pottery village such as pots, jars, cups, plates with patterns of Vietnamese village landscapes … tourists of ninh binh cycling tour not only see the skill and talent of the skilled workers, but they also feel the subtlety of artisans generations condensed in each line of the product. Perhaps it is because of this that Gia Thuy ceramic products create unique features, favored by many domestic and foreign visitors on ninh binh small group tour.

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