Hottest Places In 2018

Hottest Places In 2018

2018 is a year of new trends in tourism. Young people will turn to explore the wildland and immerse into the beautiful nature. Go through all hot spots in 2018!

Ninh Binh

Insider has posted articles to introduce the top 50 destinations suitable for tourism in 2018, in which ninh binh vietnam was first mentioned and named “Ha Long Bay on land.” The scenic spots in Ninh Binh are already ” super-product “of nature. Through the technique of Hollywood, Ninh Binh has become shimmering, eye-catching and really attractive with the best example – the film Kong: Skull Island. Coming here, visitors on amazing Ninh Binh tour will be overwhelmed by the majesty of Tam Coc Bich Dong, by the grandeur of Trang An, the Mua Cave or Am Tien Cave and ancient Trang An. This also will make tourists on ninh binh amazing tour have an unforgettable experience.

Hottest Places In 2018

Quang Binh

With the majestic caves, with vivid images of the stalactites shimmering that Mother Nature has given this land, and cool water clear as green jade, all make Quang Binh a beauty that is not fading in the heart of people to visit. If you visit this land, you can see the colorful stalactites in Phong Nha Ke Bang or Dark Cave, or bath in Mooc stream surrounded by majestic mountains and charming scenery. Visitors also can walk on Nhat Le beach or Da Nhay beach. Especially, if you are an adventurous traveler or a person who love nature, try to explore about Son Doong cave.

Phu Quoc

Enjoying the blue sea, white sand and cool wind bringing full of sun will cheerful experiences for you in wonderful “Jade Island”. Phu Quoc will cling to you with pure natural beauty, will open for you a charming world with blue sky and sea and bring you to the colorful life of the fishing village, where simple sparkling smile of fishers always welcomes you. The beach with fine white sand like ice cream is more than 7 kilometers long, curved like the moon with coconut rows bending in the wind or spicy pepper garden spreading sweet fragrance or Phu Quoc prison full of historical traces. All will make you wish to stay here without returning.

Cao Bang

Cao Bang is an undeveloped place for tourism, so it retains its original wilderness. Coming to Cao Bang, you will have a unique cultural experience of this North West region. Cao Bang is as a history book when you return to Pac Bo cave, Lenin spring, the mountain Karl Marx. Especially, there is Ban Gioc waterfall, the fourth largest waterfall in the world in waterfalls on a border between the countries. In the rainy season, the falls cascaded down through the valleys, tiny water droplets fly in the air to form the mist among the mountains and the green rice fields. All created a charming picture attracting visitors to come here to visit, enjoy the alluring scenic.

Hoi An

Different from new urban areas, the ancient city of Hoi An is home to the values of the past. In addition to the famous places such as Bridge Pagoda, ancient Tan Ky house, the restaurant selling Chinese food, the most favorite activity is walking in Hoi An city, watching the beautiful old houses. The impressive feature when coming to the ancient town of Hoi An is the lanterns. Lanterns are everywhere, from souvenir shops, restaurants, to street vendors and small alleys. If you are lucky enough to visit Hoi An on a full moon day, you will have a chance to admire the brilliant lantern’s brightness. Electric lights are off, streets are lit by lanterns. Hoi An becomes fanciful, sparkling as in hundreds of years ago.

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