Lung Van

Lung Van

Located on an altitude of 1200m above sea level, Lung Van Hoa Binh is considered as “The roof of Muong land”. Here, the haze covers all year round, so Lung Van is also known as the Cloud Valley, which attracts many backpacking tourists.

Lung Van

Lung Van Hoa Binh

Lung Van is a commune of Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province – the neighbour of ninh binh vietnam with an area of 21.5 km². Before 1956, Lung Van belonged to Ba Thuoc district, Thanh Hoa province, was later imported into Hoa Binh.

Lung Van is located on a height of 1200m and surrounded by Trau mountain, Po mountain, Tien mountain. Because this valley is covered with clouds and mist all year round, local people here often call it with the more familiar name – “Cloud Valley”. Therefore, this is the ideal “cloud hunting” spot for the backpacking traverlers.

The way leading to Lung Van

Starting from Hoa Binh city, visitors from ninh binh amazing tour follow the road to Mai Chau – Moc Chau. Arrive at Muong Khen town, then go to T-junction where there is a roadside market. Here, you can ask local people for the route to Lung Van – Dich Giao. Then follow the direction indicated, on the way, if you are afraid of getting lost your way, ask more local people going in the same direction or nearby people.

The scenery changes over time

It is the highest place of Tan Lac district Lung Van is covered by mist in all year round. Therefore, the atmosphere here is as cool as most other highlands.

In the morning, Lung Van welcome the new day with the gentle wind, gentle sunshine, clouds fluttering over the top of the mountain, making the scenery of the village become mystical.

When the sun blazes through the clouds, shining down on the village. The terraced fields also show vivid images. The white of the clouds, the yellow of the sun blends together to create a majestic natural picture.

Visit Lung Van fair market

Especially, Lung Van fair is held on the top of the mountain on the 3rd day of the week. You go from the foot of the mountain to Highway 6 and meet Lo market held on every Wednesday and Thursday of the week.

You will enjoy the goods, cloth, brocade, knitting, vegetables, fruits, wild birds … sold here. Mostly people here go to the market to play but not buy goods.

The market here is also a large fruit market with many local produce, meeting only 1 day a week. Thanks to the tourism and cultural potential, this place has attracted more and more tourists from halong bay on land tour.

The most beautiful time to visit Lung Van

The most beautiful here is the time after Tet until April every year, because, at the moment, there are most clouds covered. Cloud cover Lung Van from early morning until noon, so it is the appropriate time to hunt clouds for backpacking people. This time is also the moment when Muong people start farming on terraced fields. If you cannot arrange for this time, choose the time of Lung Van golden rice. The beauty here is definitely not inferior to any terraced field masterpiece in Vietnam.

Maybe Lung Van with some people is not as beautiful as other places, but for others, this is heaven. If you have a chance to experience Lung Van Peace once, surely you will not regret it.

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