“Poetry Mountain” In Ninh Binh

“Poetry Mountain” In Ninh Binh

Famous for more than 40 poems of the celebrities carved on the cliffs, lying on the side of the confluence of the Day River, Van River, Duc Thuy Mountain (Non Nuoc Mountain now, Ninh Binh Vietnam) is not only “the scene on heaven” but also the “poem mountain” fascinating visitors on amazing Ninh Binh tour.

Non Nuoc Mountain, Ninh Binh has an ancient name which was Duc Thuy Mountain, meaning “the birds bathing on the silver river”, with the height of more than 100 meters. The mountain is located at the confluence of two rivers including Van River and Day River. Hundreds of years ago, the foot of the mountain was corroded by waves, cut into a deep recess, so from a far distance looking back, the mountain looks like a porch roof shading a part of the green river.

“Poetry Mountain” In Ninh Binh

In the past, Duc Thuy Son was not only a beautiful scenery but also a good military base, controlling the North-South waterway. Located in the most important position to control the waterway from the North to the South, there were many fierce battles in the anti-French and anti-American wars of the nation, attached to the names of young revolutionaries such as Luong Van Tieu, Giap Van Khuong.

Since the poem of Truong Han Sieu was carved on the mountain, many people know this mountain as a “poetry mountain.” Many poets came to this place, wrote the poem and carved it on the mountain.

There are hundreds of poems on the cliffs of ancient poets such as King Le Thanh Tong, Truong Han Sieu, Pham Su Manh, Ngo Thi Sy, and Nguyen Trai.

Coming to Duc Thuy (Non Nuoc) Mountain is coming to the Museum of Han Nom poetry – a vivid and rich poetry museum of creativity among heaven and earth. Duc Thuy is a mountain of poetry – a collection of poetry that is unique in our country, containing poems that are unique in the past seven centuries.

In the Tran dynasty, Truong Han Sieu Ninh Binh who had the Courtesy name of Thang Phu and Art name of Don Tau created this poetry museum and the tradition of engraving poetry into the rock.

The first poem engraved on the cliff is called Mount Duc Thuy, praising the beauty of the mountain and the earnest desire to return to his homeland because of the charm of beautiful scenery.

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So far, 40 poems have been found on Non Nuoc slide mountain with many different genres, most of which are four-word, five-word, eight-verse, seven-word poems. The poems are all about the alluring scenery, the description of the private sentiment, reflection on the death and birth, and so on. The authors of these famous poems are often the emperor such as Tran Nhan Tong, Le Hien Tong, or famous celebrities as Pham Su Manh, Truong Han Sieu, Nguyen Du, Ngo Thi Si, etc.

Regardless of the time, and the weather, ups, and downs of the land, the poems which were engraved in Han Nom characters on the cliff is still as clear as that in the past.

The poems carved on the stone as sculptures create the perfect for the beauty of mountains, attract tourists on Ninh Binh amazing tour and make them do not want to leave, to be immersed into the beautiful mountain.

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