Thung Nai – “Jewel” Of Hoa Binh

Thung Nai – “Jewel” Of Hoa Binh

Coming Thung Nai, you will be delighted to admire the wild nature, be immersed in the cool natural bath, rowing boat floating in the middle of the lake of Da River, walking in the dense forest, explore the mysterious caves hidden many mysteries, experience the unique highland fair, explore the unique traditional culture of the local people and enjoy the delicious mountain forest specialties.

Thung Nai – “Jewel” Of Hoa Binh

Thung Nai is a tourist destination that is popular with tourists and “backpackers” whenever they have the opportunity to discover the land of Hoa Binh – a neighboring province of ninh binh vietnam. Thung Nai commune in Cao Phong district and only 20 km from Hoa Binh city center. In the past, this valley has a lot of wild herds of deer, so local people are still used to calling this land Thung Nai – a unique combination of “valley” and “deer”.

Through each dimension of the travelers who have come to Thung Nai, you will be admired the alluring beauty of this land. In the small boat, you can visit the undulating rocky islands in the middle of the lake, watching the immense primitive forest and enjoying the blue sky with the white clouds floating. Thung Nai has a majestic charm but also hidden the poetic, romance beauty like country fairy tales.

A new day in Thung Nai will welcome you with the sparkling sunshine, brighten the space together with the fresh air and cool weather. After recharging your body, you can wander in the green jungle or row a boat in the middle of the lake to admire the unique rock undulating. Thung Nai will open a new scenery that makes visitors from private Ninh Binh tour easy to be fascinated at the first sight.

In the midst of that space, new inspiration will spill over into your mind, make you eager to take attractive photos,  print alluring pictures of nature or to write romantic poetries.

Or when you have the opportunity to enter Thac Bo Cave, you will admire the wonderful beauty from the natural masterpieces with exotic shapes, see the shiny stalactites as the sparkling crystalline blocks. The attractive charm touches the heart of tourists, making you captivated as if you touch the country of charming crystal.

During the weekend trip to Thung Nai, you will be close to nature, enjoy a peaceful life and leave behind the sadness, anxiety, and stress in everyday life. Thung Nai will bring you a wonderful natural world, help you escape the world of boredom, clear the negative emotions in the city full of pressure.

At the same time, during the Thung Nai tourism, you can also enjoy Muong pork, grilled chicken or grilled fish that are specialties of the famous Da River in this land. Enjoy these dishes in the mountains, you will feel the special taste in each dish, each cup of sparkling liquor and ecstatic by this special fragrance.

In Thung Nai, after a long exhausting day, visitors can set up camp overnight to experience living in the true wilderness or stay in the villages of local people, or stay in Windmill or Coconut Island guesthouse depending on the needs. In particular, Windmill guest house is built in the romantic Western style and Coconut Island guesthouse will bring you natural, airy and friendly space.

With short trips to Thung Nai with friends and family, you will surely have lots of fun and experience in the North West Highland here! So, on the tour from ninh binh daily tours to Thung Nai – Hoa Binh, you will be delighted to discover, experience and enjoy, with nature.

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